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10 Songs, 1 Summer: The News Stan(d)'s '23 Summer Playlist

By Maryjane Perez | 3 May 2023

Countless iconic summer hits have accompanied us on all of our summertime adventures, dance parties, road trips, and heartbreaks throughout the years. Classic anthems from the Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” to Lana Del Rey’s famous “Summertime Sadness,” remind us of the magic and nostalgia that summer brings each year.

Whether you’re soaking in the sunshine, lounging around at your nearest beach or lake, driving with the windows down on a summer night, or dancing under the moonlight, these ten songs are the perfect addition to your 2023 summer soundtrack.

  1. We’re kicking off our ultimate summer playlist with “Otro Atardecer” by Bad Bunny featuring The Marias. Its soft beats and soothing vocals mimic the feeling of a warm summer breeze. This is one for those night drives through the city, or on the PCH if you’re a Californian like me.

  2. It’s an endless summer vacation with Miley Cyrus’ “Rose Colored Lenses.” We could stay like this forever, getting lost in the guitar strums and saxophone solo. If you’re fond of beaches and dancing, this is the perfect song for twirling around in the sand during sunset.

  3. Next up is a fun, upbeat 2010 throwback from Mac Miller. “Ayye” is the perfect song to keep the dance vibes going. Its laid back, airy sound is great for summer road trips. Grab some friends and hit the road—and be sure to drive with the windows down.

  4. Of course, there’s just no getting through without Harry Styles and “Grapejuice.” This melancholic tune is the ultimate choice for all your summer daydreaming and reminiscing.

  5. “only wanna dance” by almost monday is guaranteed to get you jumping around. It’s the perfect jam for dance parties with friends or even your solo performances at 2 a.m.

  6. “These Are The Days” by Inhaler. This song just encapsulates the experience and feelings of summer. Late nights walking around the city, making core memories with friends, and falling in love with life under the summer sun. With the lyrics “These are, these are the days that follow you home,” it tells the story of the bliss and fond memories made during summer.

  7. “Would Ya Could Ya” by Colony House deserves a slot on your summertime playlist simply for the lyrics “Could you, could you use a change of scenery? / Change of scenery, I know I could lately.” Its upbeat and repetitive lyrics capture the feeling of those coming of age scenes in movies—like driving through the tunnel in The Perks of Being a Wallerflower or the driving montage in Lady Bird. What’s a summer playlist without a coming of age moment?

  8. It would be a cruel summer without streaming the pure pop perfection that is “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift. This is a staple for all those late night rendezvous and summer flings. “And I, snuck in through the garden gate / Every night that summer just to seal my fate.”

  9. If you aren’t in love with Omar Apollo by now, you need to be. “3 Boys” is a groovy sound, and the aching lyrics make it the best choice for our summer heartbreak song.

  10. Ending on a high note, “Arranca” by Becky G featuring Omega is a must when it comes to the best dancing song for the summer. Whether you’re on a beach, in a car, or at a party, this song is sure to get your hips moving.

I can’t wait to spend the summer dancing the nights away at concerts and belting the lyrics to these songs in my car. Be sure to stream our playlist here. Wishing you a summer full of live music, dancing, and love!


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