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10 Songs to Get You Through This Fall

By Maryjane Perez | 25 September 2023

The end of summer marks the season of pumpkin-flavored lattes, cozy sweaters, and changing leaves. Unless, of course, you’re located in sunny California like me, or any other warm place, in which case you may need to hold off on the sweaters and instead opt for blasting a fall-themed playlist to signify the changing of the seasons. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Here are 10 songs to get you in the fall spirit and through any seasonal blues as we (reluctantly) welcome back earlier sunsets. Dear sun, you will be missed.

1. Featherstone - The Paper Kites

This song reminds me of early mornings when the air is crisp and the grass is coated with dewdrops. Its gentle guitar strums, soft drums, and uplifting trumpets are the perfect combination of sounds for your morning commute.

2. Everyone Adore You (At Least I Do) - Matt Maltese

This one is for all the romantics out there. It has some of my favorite lyrics ever. “Don’t modify, everyone adores you / At least I do.” A great addition to the soundtrack for a romantic autumn stroll through the park, whether the trees are orange and yellow or not.

3. Love Will Take You - Angus & Julia Stone

The Twilight hype may be gone, but the music is forever. Any song from the Twilight Saga soundtrack is guaranteed to be a good fit for fall—this one just happens to be a personal favorite. Anything with a beautiful array of strings is going to get my seal of approval for the ultimate fall playlist.

4. Yesterday and Today - Yes

Sometimes we have to give into the moments of nostalgia and allow ourselves to reminisce. What better song to reflect on than this one? It’s whimsical, dreamy, and laced with sentimental feelings.

5. Would That I - Hozier

This song simply encapsulates the essence of fall. The instrumentals mimic the sounds of crackling fire and whistling wind of the night, and Hozier’s lyricism is unmatched.

6. How It Ends - TOLEDO

Who said fall can only be somber and cozy? Here’s a song you can dance around to. Its uppity beat masks the intensity of the lyrics, making it a great selection for times where you want to scream-sing for some sense of release (a great remedy for letting go of some of those seasonal blues, by the way).

7. Ever Since New York - Harry Styles

ESNY is criminally underrated, so I’m giving the song its flowers now. This is the perfect song for a rainy day. Sometimes the only way out is through, so let the seasonal blues creep in a little bit with this one and grab your favorite warm beverage.

8. ‘tis the damn season - Taylor Swift

What is a fall playlist without a track from Evermore? Tis the damn season for Taylor Swift songs and letting the holidays linger.

9. Plastic Envelope - The Drums

The Drums are my current obsession, so it’s necessary for me to include them in this round-up of songs. This song is floaty and breezy, like a cool fall afternoon.

10. Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon

Ending on a fun note, this song is a burst of pure fun. Rain or shine, karaoke or car ride, it’s an immediate mood booster that will lift your spirits during the fall.

Wishing you a season of good music, cozy moments, and endless pumpkin chai lattes (or whatever your preferred fall drink is). Add these songs to your playlist or stream here!


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