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10 Years of 'Watching Movies with the Sound Off' With Mac Miller

By Gabrielle Taylor | 7 July 2023

Watching Movies with the Sound Off by Mac Miller Anniversary
Via @macmillermemoir on Instagram

June 18 marked ten years since Mac Miller’s 2013 classic album Watching Movies with the Sound Off.’ While most die-hard fans of Miller may have gotten their introduction to Mac with his song “The Spins,” this album solidified the start of my love for him. Ten years later, I still listen to this album as if it were brand new.

Anniversary edition of Watching Movies with the Sound Off Mac Miller
Via @macmillermemoir on Instagram

The original album has some of my favorite tracks Mac’s ever put out, hearing them now definitely feels different than in 2013. This was around the time I was gaining an independent music taste in hip-hop. I grew up listening to whatever my parents put on. Mac, J. Cole, Tyler, The Creator, and artists alike shaped my perception of modern rap music. Now that I’m much older, my music taste has changed a lot, but this album is something I always find myself coming back to.

For the anniversary, the estate released an alternate album cover, with Mac’s face covered by the flowers in the vase and a golden angel flying above his head. The digital deluxe album (released June 18, 2023) adds a few bonus tracks, including, “O.K. ft. Tyler, The Creator”, “Claymation ft. Vinny Radio,” and the original version of “The Star Room ft. Earl Sweatshirt”, leaving fans satisfied. Hearing Tyler, Earl, and Vinny on a track with Mac again serves a greater purpose, these artists all once had a close bond with him. The vinyl version dropped the same day and featured an exclusive bonus track, “The Quest.”

Twenty new items have also been added to the store for fans to enjoy in celebration of the album’s release. You can listen to the album on all streaming platforms and order the vinyl through Mac’s website.


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