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A Fresh Sound: Kiss of Life

By Naomi Rodriguez | 29 January, 2024

4-membered rookie group, Kiss of Life. Left to right: Natty, Belle, Julie, Haneul. Photo via S2 Entertainment

A fresh sound, a fresh look, and brand new members – 4 member girl group Kiss of Life is on the rise. Under S2 Entertainment- a company known for housing previous survival show contestants - Kiss of Life debuted in July of 2023. Since then, their slow rise in the industry marks a new wave of 5th gen in K-POP.  We meet them and their talents through their debut album, where each member had their own solo song. 

A highly anticipated member, Natty–a former contestant of SIXTEEN and Idol School–shows off her talents with “Sugarcoat.” This song is the groups second most streamed song on Spotify, solidifying Natty’s popularity; and many were in love with her take on R&B influences through this song. 

Singer/songwriter Belle has one of the strongest vocals for a rookie. She has even shown her talents by helping write the lyrics for “Unforgiven” by LE SSERAFIM. “Countdown” is Belle’s solo of the album, where she continued to show her composing and vocal skills. This is a classic pop style solo that highlights her strong vocal ability and confidence in herself as a performer and composer.

Leader Julie, is an American-born talent. Julie is the groups main rapper, and she continues to prove herself through their music.“Kitty Cat” is Julie’s solo and is able to carry itself as a song that isn’t purely vocals. Even with a short track, she encapsulates the confidence of a woman through being a “Kitty Cat,” something to not be messed with. She has captured the attention of many new fans; many say she is reminiscent of Jennie from BLACKPINK.

Lastly is Haneul, the beloved maknae (막내, meaning youngest) of the group. Many were wondering what Haneul will bring to the group, and she brings so much. As the youngest, “Play Love Games” speaks to her youthfulness with love. Her solo is evocative of a perfect blend of R&B and Pop, and she uses her beautiful and strong vocal range within this song. 

Seeing each member's strength as a debut intrigued K-Pop fans from all over. They were able to gain the same amount of views as their debut, “Shhh,” for their first comeback, “Bad News” in just two months. They became the new rookies to be on the lookout for, and they proved it during award season. For the 33rd Seoul Music Awards, each member performed a snippet of their solo–Natty even singing hers in Thai, her native language–while coming together at the end to perform “Bad News.” They showcased their incredible unique styles of dance and stage presence while being cohesive as a rookie group. Many fans came for Natty’s reputation, but they’re staying for the group's strong sense of individuality and talent that feels so fresh in the K-POP scene.

Be sure to check out “Nobody Knows,” which is a video prequel to “Bad News” with a fresh, feminist storyline. If you need a breath of fresh air, Kiss of Life will bring it to you.


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