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A Slice of Summer in the Thick of Fall: A Review of Sun Room’s 2022 Fall Tour

By Dani McKenzie | 19 December 2022

Sun Room—who gained recognition earlier this year when they opened for Louis Tomlinson’s World Tour—embarked on their first headlining tour this fall. Since early February of this year, the "Sunshine Boys of Sunroom" have stepped further into the warm vibes, clear ‘70s beachy sound, and incredible talent that make them notable. With Luke Asgian on lead vocals and guitar, Ashton Minnich on guitar, Max Pinamonti on bass, and Gibson Anderson on drums, Sunroom are an exciting band with a modern spin on a classic sound.

On October 30, 2022, Sun Room played to a sold out room at Union Stage in Washington, D.C. Though the venue itself is fairly small, it was packed to the brim with excited fans and the very best vibes.

Starting off the show with what likely already is (and will probably prove to be one of their greatest hits), "I Want You," they set the energy for the show and it just kept getting better. The crowd sang every word to fan favorites like "Clementine" and "Summer's Here," jumping, cheering, and obviously enjoying themselves. The jam session in the middle of "Something That You're Missing" showcased the band members' phenomenal individual musical talents, as well as the range of the band's sound.

While the band is still working towards mastering crowd engagement, the show itself was filled with great energy and tons of new music. About half of the setlist was brand new music (and really great brand new music at that), but with catchy tunes and melodies, the crowd picked up on the choruses pretty quickly. Songs like "Sunset Garage" only deepen the band's dynamic sound and leave fans excited for new music. Leaving, we all felt like we knew the band better than when we arrived.

Seeing a relatively young band with so much talent and passion for what they do, getting to do what they love, in an environment full of people who are more than happy to match their energy is inspiring to say the least. I am beyond excited to follow Sun Room and watch them grow as a band during what I am sure will be an incredible career.


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