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Alexa Cappelli’s Connection to Fans is Anything But “Temporary”

By Kristen Hawley | 26 August, 2022

Alexa Cappelli is an Upland, California native that is the trendy bestie you never knew you needed — the one to guide you through the messy points in life and relationships, to be the ultimate comfort when you feel lost and confused, and the one to give you the best music recommendations. At just 22 years-old, Alexa’s artistic journey has been nothing short of full-force. She has amassed over 160K Instagram followers, 884K monthly Spotify listeners and released countless singles and two EPs. Behind the massive social media presence and stream of music releases, is a girl that just loves creating music and values her fans more than anything.

Growing up listening to powerful anthems by positive pop stars such as Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Julia Michaels, and Taylor Swift inspired Alexa’s sound and writing. Currently, she is immersed in the alternative and R&B scene; you can definitely hear the undertones of pop punk grittiness and lyrical soulfulness mixed in with her earthy pop records.

Not only do other artists and genres influence her sound, but her fans also play a major role in her journey. With the rollout of her newest single, “Temporary”, fan engagement has been kicked into high gear.

Credit: @sarabouwman

Alexa, with the help of her manager and Fan To Band founder, Jaime Bilotti, is taking on a fan-first approach to use social media to connect with fans and constantly finds new ways to engage with them. The returned support from fans is what has helped her grow her platform and turn music from a hobby into a career. As much as Alexa was excited to release her newest record, fans were itching for it to be released even more. To incorporate their energy into the rollout of “Temporary,” fans could go to Alexa's website and fill out their answer to the question: “What is love if it’s temporary?” Their answers are set to appear in the visualizer for the song.

With fans’ high anticipation and involvement in the“Temporary” rollout, it’s clear that fans love Alexa and her music resonates deeply. Fans' messages flood into her inbox and DM’s about how empowering her songs are, how her music impacts them, and how the songs have helped get them through a period of their life. “Temporary” was a song Alexa had written during a difficult time when breaking up with someone she deeply cared for, but their paths untangled themselves from one another. She was left wrestling with the grief of ending a relationship while pondering what that relationship could have been. She struggled to find peace with walking away from something that no longer served her and struggled to feel validation for putting herself first. But, the true catharsis came from writing a song she needed to hear during that time in her life. Additionally, seeing fans navigate similar emotions and situations, makes their reaction to her music all the more meaningful. Alexa is able to reach a level of connectivity that goes beyond an artists-fans relationship and deepens their bond to relating and empathizing human to human.

Alexa encapsulated the true, unique bond between an artist and their fans:

“Nobody can connect with people like they [other artists] do and nobody can connect with people the way that I do”.

Credit: @sarabouwman

Understanding the power of fans and what their level of love and support means to an artist’s trajectory is a message Alexa understands to the fullest. She listens to their feedback and uses it to push her art further, such as incorporating a scream into her single “Could’ve Just Left Me Alone.” Fans’ encouraging and positive reaction to it ultimately influenced Alexa's decision to add a primal element which encapsulated the emotion of creating such a freeing song. Social media has given artists an open channel of communication with their fans and Alexa constantly uses it to build a stronger connection and involve fans in every step of her journey. It doesn’t feel like we are watching her career, but along for the ride with her.

A burst of sincerity, authenticity, and spunk that never fails to translate in her music perfectly describes Alexa Cappelli as a singer/songwriter. As she is entering her self proclaimed “self-worth and bad b****” era, she encourages her fans to do the same.

Alexa challenges her fans to find a community they align with, speak up for themselves, and find empowerment to do what is best for them; she especially wants them to feel validated in their decision, no matter how painful or scary it may be.

Listen to Temporary and follow Alexa Cappelli on all her socials!


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