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Alexa Cappelli's "Lose Lose"

By Anna Billy | 11 November, 2022

Alexa Cappelli’s latest single “Lose Lose” marks a stark departure from her canonic pop sound, adding a rock twist. After finding great success with her previous singles “Temporary” and “Could’ve Just Left Me Alone,” Cappelli showcases her vocal range by alternating between melodic verses and belted bridges. With a darker sound, she describes the tribulations of toxic friendship in her latest single as mentioned in her TikTok and Instagram videos.

credit: Dom Betances

The song is structured in a way that resembles an open and candid conversation with her friend, reading almost like a diary entry or imaginary shower conversation. The echoing guitar transitioning from chorus to verse amplifies her plea: “I can’t win, I can’t move, I just can’t / it’s a lose, lose” while the slight vibrato in her voice emotes a sharp pain in admitting that their relationship is unsustainable. Cappelli allows her fans to enter her world by divulging her inner-most vulnerable feelings openly and honestly. Moreover, her ever present effort to include her fanbase in her work - whether directly or indirectly - speaks to Cappelli’s ability to connect earnestly and grow a network organically.

credit: Anna Boylan

The writing and producing team for “Lose Lose” includes an all star women cast. Songwriter Skyler Stonestreet, who has worked on projects with Dove Cameron, Ariana Grande, Tate McCrae, and more, aids Cappelli’s electric tune. Simple yet sharp lyrics such as “you can’t be happy for anyone, no not even you” cut to the core of the song’s crossroads: the heartache of knowing you cannot change someone or support them at your own expense. Producer and songwriter, Pom Pom, takes Cappelli’s sound in an Olivia Rodrigo-esque direction keeping heavy guitars at the forefront of the song, saturating its emotional distress.

The grittiness of Cappelli’s ensemble kicks her pop-rock sound from a glimpsed undertone from her other earth pop songs to a magnetic forcefield sucking the listener in. You cannot help but be completely enraptured by Cappelli’s earnest and heartfelt prayer to escape.

credit: Anna Boylan

The lyrics of “Lose Lose” once again proves honesty, despite its risks, reaps the biggest reward. Enlisting the help of her fans, Cappelli is on a mission to promote health boundary setting in relationships of all kinds.

Her latest TikTok series, “Rules of Chess” articulates the ways in which chess and friendship share similar qualities. Episode One details how to set up the chess board. Cappelli notes how knowing what each chess piece symbolizes is akin to taking space for yourself to know who you are and what boundaries are important to you.

As her series unfolds, fans have already been creating a buzz on social media. ‘Superfans’ had the track leaked to them directly from Cappelli and have made videos to help promote the track in whatever creative ways they decide. The grassroots approach to promotion has benefitted her in the past and has shown to increase traction for her latest single as well.

“Lose Lose” pushes Cappelli’s sound into a more rock based genre which bodes for exciting future releases. While she grasps tightly to her pop roots, Cappelli is ready to challenge herself and her audience: her heavier sound filled with grit mirrors an evident desire to become a person who refuses to overextend herself for others, prioritizing herself and wellbeing first.

Listen to Lose Lose and follow Alexa Cappelli on all her socials!


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