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Almondmilkhunni Headlines the Moroccan Lounge and Baby’s All Right

By Kristen Hawley + Sydney Hayes | 22 September 2023

Almondmilkhunni is the edgy, pop princess whose latest album, Enjoy the Ride ' is an electro-pop fever dream. Her lyrical bite layered over trippy sound production falls adjacent to Charli XCX, but Almondmilkhunni (real name Brandy Schwechler) has a wholesome, sweet energy to her. Fan to Band attended her New York City Baby’s All Right show and her Los Angeles’ Moroccan Lounge show; Almodmilkhunni did not disappoint. For it being only her first set of headlining shows, the nerves didn’t show through at all. The night was marked by Almondmilkhunni's unique fan engagement, which left every attendee feeling like they were part of something truly special.

almondmilkhunni holds microphone to crowd
Photographed by Lexi Matuson

Almondmilkhunni was full of energy, budding self-confidence, and keen on living in the moment. Her interactions with the crowd and overall stage presence was filled with such comfort and positivity. She owned the stage like she walked it one million times and made everyone at every corner of the room feel seen. To commemorate her headlining shows she even passed around a video camera for the crowd to film themselves. This gesture set the tone for a night that revolved around unity and the connectivity between her and her superfans. With each song, the audience was transported into the futuristic world of her latest album, perfectly reflected in their attire. Dressed in metallics, and avant-garde fashion reminiscent of the digital realm, the fans themselves became an essential part of the spectacle, bringing the cyberspace aesthetic to life.

Her setlist included songs off her newly-released sophomore album like, “Anxiety,” “Pistol,” “Coma,” and “Liar.” Almondmilkhunni is one of those artists who elevates her tracks when performing live and adds to the music. Don't get us wrong, the recordings are great but hearing her music live is just such a different experience. She dances, sings, and connects with her audience on a personal level that is rare to witness in the realm of live performances. Whether you knew the words or not, each venue was high in energy. Her show was as if the boundaries between artist and fan had dissolved; everyone was sharing the same ecstatic experience. This interactive finale encapsulated the essence of the evening: Almondmilkhunni's unwavering commitment to her fans and their reciprocation of love and support. The crowd became a collective force, united by their shared passion for her music.

Almondmilkhunni sings to the crowd
Photographed by Lexi Matuson

After each show, Almondmilkhunni wandered back around the stage, chatting and meeting with a line of fans. She was attentive and adorable with each interaction, giving fans adequate time to speak with her as if they were her friends waiting in the green room. It's important to highlight that her performances marked a significant milestone in Almondmilkhunni's career as her first headlining shows since going independent nearly a year ago. The decision to pursue her own path was met with enthusiasm by her fans, who have followed her every step of the way. This show was not just a celebration of her music but a rebirth, and the journey her and her fans will embark on.

Fan to Band loves Almondmilkhunni’s Enjoy the Ride record and it is currently in our pop playlist rotation. However, we hope our readers see Almondmilkhunni perform live; it is magic. In the meantime, we are manifesting Almondmilkhunni will be included in festival lineups next summer or she will open for another popstar, like Troye Sivan, because mainstream audiences need to know who she is. Her shows will only get bigger and better and we can’t wait to look back and say we were day-one fans.

All photographs taken by Lexi Matuson:


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