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Cade Hoppe Gets It: A Review of New Single "Faded Love"

By Maryjane Perez | 7 December 2022

Following the release of his EP Everything That’s Wrong with You, Cade Hoppe released “Faded Love,” a more upbeat song than the ones featured on the EP. Although the song appears to have a happier sound at first, the lyrics are more bittersweet. Hoppe talks the listener through what it feels like to fall into moments of being in love and moments of questioning that love.

Via @cade.hoppe on Instagram

In the lyrics, “You should know I’m not the same person you loved before / And your lips kiss different now,” it becomes obvious that Hoppe is referring to a rekindled relationship. There is a strong feeling of uncertainty about returning to this relationship. “And we called it love the last time now I’m not so sure / We’re still figuring it out.” This made me feel a bit sad because the love is not the same as it was before and that may lead to even more heartbreak than the initial ending of the relationship. (Or, if you’re feeling more optimistic than me, it might be better than before).

The back and forth Hoppe expresses, “Do you wanna hold me? / Or do you want the old me?” is a realistic insight on how uncertainty and comparison seep into relationships, especially when things have changed. Hoppe remains honest throughout the rest of the song, offering his vulnerability for everyone to relate to.

This song takes you to a reflective state of mind. It’s the perfect song to drive to when you need to process your thoughts and feelings. I recommend listening to this song a few times to really grasp the message in its entirety.

You can listen to “Faded Love” here.


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