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CIX Give Exactly "What You Wanted" in Tempe, AZ

By: Kya Brodgon | 27, March, 2023

Marquee Theater - Tempe, AZ. (March 22, 2023)

cix 2nd world tour
All images by Kya Brogdon

While waiting in GA lines is almost always tedious and long, it only worsens when the weather is bad. However, despite the cloudy skies and drizzling rain, there’s no stopping FIX (CIX fandom name) from turning out in support of the group. When I arrived at the venue, I was surprised to see just how many fans were already there, considering the concert was held on a Wednesday evening. My friend and I had the front-of-the-line access pass offered for the show, so we spent our time in a separate line from the other GA and VIP people as we waited for the doors to open.

I’ve never been to a show at the Marquee before this one, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, and once we entered I was surprised at just how small and intimate the venue was. Although there were a bunch of people already inside due to the VIP and those in front of us in the line, we were still only about five or six rows from the barricade, with a good view of the stage. The tour title screen was a beautiful blue color that matched perfectly with the blue of CIX lightsticks scattered around the crowd. As we neared the starting time, all of the fans started singing along to the intro music (a collection of CIX songs, of course) loud enough that I’m sure the members and staff could hear it backstage.

cix save me, kill me us tour

When the lights fully faded and the stage lit up with CIX’s iconic logo background, the screams rivaled those of a packed stadium. Opening with their iconic title track “Numb,” all eyes were fixed on the five members as they nailed their choreography and showed off their live vocals.

Despite the coolness of the weather outside, the inside of the venue was hot. Somehow, the members managed to make it through three dance-heavy performances in long-sleeved stage outfits, but by the fourth song, the jackets came off and left the members in tank tops as they continued to perform.

cix 2nd world tour
Lee “BX” Byounggon

About halfway through the show, the members began their solo stages segment. Performing covers of iconic songs like “Jasmine” by DPR LIVE (done by leader Lee “BX” Byounggon) and “alright” by keshi (done by lead vocalist Bae Jinyoung), it was so thrilling to hear the reactions of the crowd when they recognized the songs. It demonstrated how similar the listening habits of K-pop stans are, and the murmurs of people talking about going to see keshi in Arizona or DPR at Coachella made the already-welcoming and safe space of this concert even stronger.

After their solo stages, the members regrouped for an amazing performance of “458,” which is one of my favorite title tracks from them. As the concert drew closer to its end, we enjoyed some of CIX’s softer b-side songs like “Drown in Luv” and “Everything.” Swaying back and forth along to the melody while holding up lightsticks and banners, it was easy to see how moved both the members and FIX were by the love and passion throughout the venue.

CIX is a group that I’ve been a casual fan of for a while - “Wave” is still one of my top go-to serotonin-inducing songs of all time - but I think seeing them live has finally put me firmly in my FIX era. While I missed seeing them on their last tour, I’m so thankful to have been able to see them this time around. Their talent and devotion for the stage are palpable regardless of whether they’re performing a dance-heavy track or a softer song with an emphasis on their vocals. Everything was done beautifully, from their outfits to the lighting and the film style of their VCRs played during outfit changes. CIX are well on their way to becoming a popular group here in the US. I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up at bigger venues on their next tour here, and I hope I’m lucky enough to score tickets to see them again.

CIX 2nd world tour save me, kill me

Thank you for a wonderful night boys! I hope your tour finishes smoothly and you arrive safely back in South Korea.


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