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Cure for the Winter Blues: Tea, A Warm Blanket, and almost monday’s cough drops

By Maryjane Perez | 14 December 2022

Almost monday’s latest song, “cough drops,” is the perfect anthem to soothe any winter time blues. Its energetic beat is guaranteed to get listeners off their feet and dancing. This song is all about the thrill of the chase and wanting more.

Via almost monday on Spotify

The band’s lead singer, Dawson Daughtery, starts the song off by listing the details of the night he spent with this person. “Cough drops / Sticky fingers / Late starts / Your perfume lingers from last night.” Later in the song, Daughtery’s desire to have more of these nights becomes insatiable: “I know myself and I don’t need convincing / all I need is you in repetition / All night and every day.”

There is an undeniable hunger that flows throughout the song and I felt myself questioning if it was something turning into love or just mere infatuation. Daughtery sings, “Smoke me like a cigarette / Never put you down again / Fill my lungs with you / Then stop my heart ‘cause I can’t handle it.” His longing is apparent, but is it simply for the rush of being with someone new or could it turn into something deeper? Either way, I’m obsessed.

The guitar riffs, groovy rhythm, and suggestive lyrics are reminiscent of the rockstar era of the 70s; fans will love this one. The music video does a great job of encapsulating this vibe as well, featuring light leaks, grain effects, and the band effortlessly rocking out in a green field. It’s the perfect mixture of past music eras and almost monday’s current aesthetic.

Whether you’re falling in love or just need a little warmth to cure your winter blues, you’ll love “cough drops.” Check out the song on Apple Music or Spotify.


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