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Dealing With the Same Old Feelings: A Review of Cavetown's 'worm food'

By Maryjane Perez | 2 December 2022

Robin Skinner, known as Cavetown, recently released his album worm food and it’s the perfect addition to everybody’s fall/winter playlists. This album allows Cavetown’s storytelling to really shine through and takes the listener on a journey through his experience of growing up and learning to navigate his emotions.

Via @lemon.socks on Instagram

Cavetown is very genuine and honest in his lyrics, not holding back anything. It can be hard to admit when we feel not-so-great emotions, so I admire his ability to do so. Although the songs explore deeper messages, the overall sound is warm and inviting. There is a prominent use of acoustic guitar and synthesizers throughout the album. It’s comparable to the sounds of other indie artists such as Conan Gray and girl in red.

On the first track of the album, “worm food,” he immediately dives into feelings of not belonging with lyrics like “I’m losing track of all the reasons I had for fighting back / And I’m scared I don’t belong anywhere.” The same feeling is introduced in “laundry day” as he sings, “On the wall of the overflow / Don’t feel welcome here at all.”

The other tracks go on to describe being overwhelmed by his feelings, and questioning why he feels the way he does.​​ This is seen through the lyrics, “Losing control of my mind / Want to get out of my mind” and “I’ve gotten nearly everything I ever hoped I’d have / So, why am I still sad?”

Overall, the album is an insight into the struggles with mental health and adulthood that are part of the human experience. It’s something I think a lot of people will be able to connect with. Worm food is definitely worth the listen, and if you aren’t a fan of Cavetown yet, you will be.

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