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Dean Lewis: The Maybe Man Tour, Supporting AJR

By Tara Demers | 22 April, 2024

At TD Garden on April 4th, fans were treated to an electrifying collision of emotional depth and high-energy beats as Australian singer-songwriter Dean Lewis took the stage, setting the perfect tone for AJR's dynamic performance. He is currently touting with the pop group, AJR, throughout North America the next few months singing to sold-out arenas all over, just like in Boston. Dean had just been at the Royale in October last year, so this was an incredible step-up for him and his growing career.

Lewis, known for his soul-stirring lyrics and powerful vocal delivery, captivated the audience from the moment he stepped into the spotlight. Opening with his hit single "Waves," Lewis immediately established a profound connection with the crowd, his raw, emotive performance drawing listeners into a world of introspection and vulnerability. The crowd belted the lyrics along with Lewis as he continued down his setlist. he stated to the crowd, "This energy in the front row is amazing, much better than Philly," he joked since that was the night before.

It wasn't just Lewis's musical talent that left concertgoers spellbound; it was his authenticity and sincerity that truly set him apart. Between songs, Lewis shared personal anecdotes and reflections, inviting the audience into his world and creating an intimate atmosphere that felt like a conversation among friends. He eventually moved over to the piano singing, "How Do I Say Goodbye," which is about his father who was diagnosed in 2019 with cancer, but later would go into remission. The lyrics in this song explain how Lewis was unsure how to say goodbye to someone like his father who had been there his whole life. Luckily his father is still around and he later went to perform the song in Sydney, their hometown after its release in 2022. Next up he performed songs such as, "Half a Man," "Last Bit of Us," a fun cover of Taylor Swift's song, "Cruel Summer," "Memories" and another cover of the iconic song, "Iris."

As Lewis concluded his set with the emotionally-charged and most streamed song, "Be Alright," the crowd erupted into thunderous applause, fully immersed in the cathartic journey he had guided them through. He truly was made to be a performer and fans can see that in his performance. It was an absolute joy seeing him do what he loves.

Following Lewis's performance, the energy in the venue reached new heights as AJR took the stage, seamlessly building upon the energetic foundation laid by Lewis. With their infectious blend of indie pop and electronic elements, AJR had the crowd dancing and singing along from start to finish, creating an electrifying atmosphere that left everyone buzzing with excitement.

All images are from Dean Lewis: The Maybe Man Tour, Supporting AJR, shot on 4/4 /24 in Boston, MA at TD Garden.


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