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Del Water Gap's "All We Do Is Talk"

By Alicia Urrea | August 4th 2023

Del Water Gap has resurrected back into the alt-rock indie world with his brand new single, “All We Ever Do Is Talk”. While it has been two years since his last release, a self-titled album, this track gave the fans a small taste of what is yet to come, appeasing our thirst for new music for the time being. Though it’s been a while, Del Water Gap has had quite the successful year after touring with Maggie Rogers across North America and Europe. It’s evident he is ready to re-emerge with his best release yet, as we anticipate his album titled I Miss You Already + I Haven’t Left Yet, out in September.

“All We Ever Do Is Talk” details the story of a burnt-out relationship, along with the cyclical dread that comes with the aftermath of the honeymoon phase. A heavy-hearted bass introduces us to the start of the song, along with some illusive synths. Once the lyrics begin, they’re effortlessly sung with clear passion, shown through the hints of rasp and enhanced reverb as Del Water Gap sings through his chain of thoughts: “I know you’re my person / And I won’t find no one like you / You know I’m your guy / Your best friend and your lover too.”

Once the chorus hits, it’s clear that the song is mainly driven by some steady percussion and a solid bass. The catchy chorus echoes, feeling as though we are floating through the vignette that is being narrated: “To meeting you at the hotel, 3 AM / Pull the belt from your robe, pushing me on the bed.” The emotion is definitely radiating throughout the following verse and choruses, with pleading vocals and an eagerly-paced rhythm.

Overall, “All We Ever Do Is Talk” is an alleviating comeback from the Del Water Gap drought. This track is the start of a thrilling era for the singer, with much to look forward to for his fanbase. With an expected album release on September 29th and a North American tour to follow, it’s definitely worthwhile to put Del Water Gap on your radar – especially if you are an indie rock lover like myself.


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