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Fall Out Boy and Bring Me the Horizon at BMO Stadium - Los Angeles, CA

By Brynn Evida | 17 July, 2023

Fall Out Boy recently hit the road for their highly anticipated 2023 headlining tour. The tour is promoting the groups most recent album, So Much (for) Stardust, as well as featuring many of the iconic hits from their past. On July 2nd, they played the first of two sold-out nights at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles, supported by Bring Me The Horizon, New Found Glory, and Royal & The Serpent. The show included a unique and impressive production as well as a passionate performance from the headliner. Despite having performed for such a long time, Fall Out Boy always finds a way to treat their fans to new surprises throughout the show. This time, they chose to bring an interactive aspect into their set list and sprinkled magical tricks throughout the night.

Bring Me The Horizon stood out as one of the most captivating supporting acts. The British

band played many crowd favorites, but also brought their newest single, “Lost,” to the stage.

Their sound was polished despite having a harsh approach to their overall genre, which made

them so pleasant to listen to. Due to unforeseen circumstances the group brought in stand-in

drummer Sage Weeber, which really excited the crowd.

The So Much (for) Stardust Tour is set to complete its North American leg this August in New Jersey, and will then head to Asia. Tickets are currently still available in many locations.

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Bring Me the Horizon

Fall Out Boy

All images are from the Fall Out Boy tour shot at BMO Stadium on 07/02/23.


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