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Stan Series: Justin Bieber "Never Say Never" at Skyline

By LisaRose Ryan | 11 July, 2022

Fan To Band and the Skyline Drive-In NYC have partnered up to provide fans with a summer Stan Series filled with fun and surprises.

The Stan Series was created to bring fans together to reminisce, embrace fandom, engage with fellow fans, and express their love for their favorite artists through exclusive screenings and activations surrounding artists’ films or documentaries.

On Sunday, June 12th, the Stan Series launched with its first event: a screening of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never documentary.

Fans came together to celebrate and unite because of the pop superstar and their collective passion as Beliebers. The Fan To Band team ensured each fan had a unique and memorable experience. Through multiple activations and core moments, fans were able to bond and embrace their love for Bieber in a safe space.

Fan To Band provided fans with the opportunity to enter a raffle consisting of an exclusive Justice vinyl album, fan-made merchandise, stickers, and more.

Throughout the event, fans were able to communicate with one another and even meet for the first time from knowing one another online or through mutual friends.. Fan To Band’s goals for this event were exceeded beyond the expectations.

Once the sunset faded, the film was ready to start. Fans grabbed their seats next to their fellow stans and made sure to get their snacks and iPhones, ready to travel back to the beginning of Justin’s career. The Never Say Never storyline follows Bieber through his journey as a teenage heart-throbbing star in 2009, enduring the highs and lows of the music industry as he approaches his first headline show at Madison Square Garden.

Whether fans were watching the film for the first time or an additional time, the crowd displayedPrior to genuine and heartfelt reactions to each moment that flashed on the screen. From Justin losing his voice halfway through his tour to his recovery performance at MSG, fans sang along to every lyric of the songs that played and cried to every touching moment they felt with Justin.

At the climax of the film, fans jumped from their seats and ran from their parked cars to gather in front of the screen to sing and dance all together to Justin’s hit ‘Baby’.. Knowing Fan To Band provided fans with the space to express a unique authenticity for their favorite artist was inspiring and uplifting. Because the Stan Series event took place closely following Justin’s cancellation of his Madison Square Garden show due to a medical emergency, all attendees were able to create their own concert experience. Throughout the night, fans expressed their gratitude toward the Fan To Band team for allowing them to have a place to still be together despite not being able to attend the show.

Overall, the first-ever Stan Series event was a success and to Bielbers both in attendance and online! Be sure to attend the next Stan Series event on July 20th if you are in the New York City metro area to celebrate One Direction’s 12 year anniversary by screening This Is Us. Grab your tickets via Skyline Drive NYC.


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