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February 2024 Roundup

By Kya Brogdon | 4, March 2024

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February was absolutely packed with stellar releases from a variety of artists. Check out some of my favorites below!

After many mini albums, 6-member boy group P1Harmony finally dropped their first full album, titled Killin’ It, consisting of 10 tracks. Not only is this album absolutely stellar, the title track - also called “Killin’ It” - is among one of the group's best. Singing about their own success and how they’re “killin’ it,” the group was able to earn their first music show win with this release on KBS Music Bank. Announcing an arena tour only a few days ago, P1Harmony are climbing up the popularity ranks in the K-pop scene, and I am so happy to see them on the rise.

2. “Fever Dream” - bachyard ghost - 15 February, 2024

My favorite TikTok find from 2023, bachyard ghost, dropped his second single of 2024 the day after Valentine’s day, for all of us still dealing with a heartache. A mix of pop punk, rock, and hyperpop sounds, “Fever Dream” is an upbeat anthem that you immediately want to scream-sing along to from  the very first listen. After dropping his first album reason 2 live in September of 2023 and a few singles since then, bachyard ghost has solidified his place on my playlist, and I can’t wait to see what he continues to release.

3. Easy - LE SSERAFIM - 19 February, 2024

One of the catchiest releases from this month, I have been humming the chorus to “Easy” ever since it dropped. After two energetic comebacks since their debut, LE SSERAFIM’s third mini album takes the group back to a slower, more R&B style of songs; similar to those from their debut Fearless. While some people were unhappy with this direction, I think this style fits the LE SSERAFIM members beautifully. “Easy” is in a lower range than some of their other tracks, and I love hearing the deeper registers of the members that we don’t often get. Just like the title track, all of the b-sides are ear-wormy and so fun to listen to. Although I wish all of the songs were longer, (they’re all under three minutes, a trend that I personally don’t enjoy) this is definitely one of my favorite albums that LE SSERAFIM have dropped to date.

4. “mad” - eaJ - 22 February, 2024

The first eaJ release of 2024, and it may be his most personal song yet. While some heartbreak songs can be interpreted into ex-friendship themes, “mad” is a track that eaJ himself has said is about a friendship that went sour. Despite the harshness of some of the lyrics, the melody itself is relatively laid back, giving the song a more “resigned” feeling in its angry message. The opening lyrics reflect the passive feeling; “I'm still mad / And I shouldn't be / 'Cause it's sad / What you did to me,” and the build up of anger flows in the chorus “I'm still mad / That a friend to me / Stabbed my back / Like an enemy / It's so bad / Should be dead to me / But I can't help that / I'm still mad.” Yet another scream-singing along track to add to his setlist, eaJ is steadily preparing himself for the next round of festivals and concerts he has in store for this year.

5. Not Okay - ATEEZ - 28 February, 2024

Fresh off their tour stops in Seoul and Saitama, ATEEZ dropped their first new release of the year in the form of their 3rd Japanese single album Not Okay. Consisting of two new songs and instrumental tracks, the title song “Not Okay” is an upbeat, energetic anthem that fits well within ATEEZ’s most recent album series The World. With a blood-pumping melody, the members take turns telling listeners that no matter what, they can’t give up. “ 右左不明の (Make some noise) / ここはまるで迷路 (Make some noise) / やり直せ何度も (Make some noise) / 止めるなよ誰も (Make some noise)” (translation: “This place, where right and left are unclear (Make some noise) / Feels like a maze (Make some noise) / Try again no matter how many times (Oh; Make some noise) / Nobody can stop us (Anyone; Make some noise)”). The b-side “Days” is a four minute ballad style track that feels like a comforting hug, and it instantly earned a spot on my gloomy days pick me up playlist. With Coachella lined up, a tour on the horizon, and more music to come, 2024 is shaping up to be ATEEZ’s year.

6. NOMAD - NOMAD - 28 February, 2024

After coming across their debut concept teasers on Twitter, I’ve been waiting for NOMAD’s debut for all of this month. Under a new, small company called NOMAD Entertainment, this five member group debuted with their mini album NOMAD  with the title track, “No Pressure.” Consisting of seven songs boasting writing and producing credits by member Hong “DOY” Doeui (amongst others), my instant favorites upon first listen are “No Pressure,” “OASIS,” and “Automatic.” They’re still new to the scene, but I have a feeling we will be hearing more and more about this group as they continue on with their careers. 

What are some of your favorites from February? March is already stacking up to be just as packed as February was, I’m excited to see what we get in these next four weeks!


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