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Foxglove's 'Save Yourself' Will Please Old and New Fans Alike

By Lilli Ferry Ellis | 2 June 2023

Save Yourself by Foxglove single artwork

On the heels of their 2021 EP Inflections, Foxglove is back with new music in 2023: this time, it’s a new single, “Save Yourself,” that will have fans old and new celebrating.

According to the band, made up of members Alex Rippeon, Tristen Biszantz, and Jayden Blue, “‘Save Yourself’ will either make you want to jump up and down, or sit and think about your relationships.”

Angst is in the air from the moment the song begins: a muted guitar riff and driving drums, the influence of Nirvana on guitarist and lead vocalist Alex Rippeon evident already. When the vocal kicks in, everything comes out from behind the effect: “Cause you and I’ve been biding time / Thinking this whole time we’d hit gold.” While the lively instrumentals keep the song (and listener) moving, the lyrics don’t get any less angsty as the song continues.

Foxglove in a promotional shoot for Save Yourself

As the chorus approaches, there’s a moment of seeming peace: Rippeon’s vocal smooths the transition while Blue, on bass, bridges from chaos to…more chaos: “I told you when we started, I promised that I’d always be your friend.” The guitar builds throughout the chorus, accompanying the apprehensive lyrics. The anxiety is real.

The second transition into the chorus is bigger, louder, and angstier than before, with electric guitar strums and cymbals crashing simultaneously. The echoing effect of the chorus vocals leaves the listener haunted by the lyrics, forcing them to consider the relationship dynamics in their own lives.

The guitar solo after the second chorus is reminiscent of all the influences the band cites: lively guitar parts like The 1975, classic drums à la Taylor Hawkins, even funk-inspired bass lines. On “Save Yourself,” Foxglove prove they are ready to make a name for themselves in the indie rock scene.

“Save Yourself” is out June 2, 2023. Listen wherever you stream.


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