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Girlfriends at Brighton Music Hall - Boston, MA

By Tara Demers | 31 May, 2023

On May 17th, Girlfriends came to Brighton Music Hall in support of their new EP Plastic, delivering an energetic performance that left the crowd buzzing for more.

John Harvie started things off for the evening, walking on stage starting right off the bat with his hit songs from his new EP, “Told Ya” which came out at the end of last year to his new song “At My Worst.”He delivered an amazing performance to prime the audience for the headlining set.

Girlfriends began their show with their hit song, “Jessica,” and conjured an ethereal wall of sound that rose in intensity before leading into the rest of the set. The band's set heavily featured songs off the new EP, such as “Plastic” and “Life’s a Brittany.” Longtime Girlfriends fans were also treated to a few songs from far back in the group’s discography, such as “Where Were You,” and “Tattoo.” The soundscape created by Girlfriends throughout the evening was at times chill and down-tempo, with an almost ambient vibe. The crowd followed along for the ride, and swayed, head-bobbed, and jumped accordingly. By the time the last notes of the appropriately-placed encore song “California” finished ringing throughout Brighton, Girlfriends took their well-deserved bow to fans screaming their approval.

All images are from the Girlfriends tour shot at the Brighton Music Hall on 05/17/23.


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