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Goldpark 2!: A review

By Sheila Uria | 17 Novemeber, 2022

The dog days have come and gone, but Goldpark’s sophomore EP Goldpark 2! is here to keep us warm. The Nashville-bound trio made up of Wes Hunter (vocals, guitar), Andrew Smith (guitar, bass, keyboard), and Kyle Neblett (drums) have outdone themselves this time around. Their new record is filled with upbeat guitar riffs, bright piano fills, energetic bass lines, and lively drums that undoubtedly personify summer.

Aside from its lucid sonic landscape and glistening melodies, the EP’s lyricism is embedded with light, time, and space themes. In “Lady Lightyear,” Goldpark paints a cosmic picture of love with lyrics like “Gravity just burst into color / Title waves keep pulling us under / Lady, you’ve been lightyears away / Give me one more day.” With its catchy pop melody and soft rock instrumentation, the intergalactic tune is an anthem for the hopeless romantics, calling to “leave the door open for love somewhere in the stars.”

“Lady Lightyear is a song for all of the Milky Way and beyond to enjoy together,” the band told Melodic Magazine.

The light imagery doesn’t stop there, though. Their second single, “Covered in Sunshine,” speaks of today’s modern pressure to be chronically online and the need to bask in the sun and nature every once in a while to counter it. “All these problems, anxieties, and fears that have come from a reliance on technology feel a little less heavy when we step into the sunlight,” said Hunter about the song.

Goldpark expand their social commentary on the groovy “I Guess It’s Never Enough.” With deep, sultry vocals reminiscent of Johnny Cash, Hunter sings about falling victim to the rumor mill, “Everyone’s talkin’ it up / I guess it’s never enough.

The group showcases the same rock-and-roll swagger in “If That’s What You Want.” Hunter shows off his vocal ability in this one, accompanied by a dynamic bass line and riveting drums that build into a cathartic release in the bridge of the song.

Everything must come to an end, even Goldpark’s enigmatic record. The EP is bookended with their latest single, “Summer In My Head,” in which they explore the misplaced romanticization of summer. According to Hunter, the song is the “anti-coming-of-age film,” questioning the notion that happiness has an estival shelf life and arguing that joy is and can be found year-round.

Ultimately, Goldpark is characterized by their nostalgic guitar riffs, ever-present bassline, booming percussion, and distinguishable vocals influenced by the likes of The Killers, U2, Coldplay, Radiohead, and other British rock pop groups. “[This EP] is special for so many reasons,” Goldpark stated about the record. “We had the right songs, the right producer, and the right spirit. This body of work is the best representation of who we are and where we are going. We hope this EP makes people smile.”

And make us smile, it does. Goldpark 2! will leave you with the urge to dance in the middle of the street while it plays through your headphones and not care who might be watching. No matter the weather, it will bring you joy. Goldpark’s new EP is, without question, the perfect summer parting gift.


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