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Review: Grocery Store - CAVETOWN

By: Britney McVey | 29 July, 2022

Artwork provided by Amy Fennie

Following the release of the hit single, “Fall In Love With A Girl,” featuring beabadoobee, Cavetown, also known as Robin Skinner, released “Grocery Store,” an upbeat revision of their previous work from “Trying Not To Cry.”

The new summery single stemmed from Skinner’s visits to the store whilst struggling with mental health. Recently, many artists have paired meaningful lyrics with attention-grabbing introductions to create a piece that will bring light to the hardships endured while finding mental balance. I would say Skinner has done exactly that.

Through the lyrics, “I’ve been trying not to cry in the grocery store/ Little bully inside pinning me to the floor,” I was able to connect with the helplessness of feeling attacked by inner struggles and not being able to do anything about it.

Contrasting the lyrics, the instrumental follows a more buoyant pattern featuring rhythmic guitar strums and drum rudiments. This comes from the spin Kina Beats added to Skinner’s original piece.

The emotion in this song is raw. Lyrics, such as, “I've been fighting for my sanctuary/ How do I stay alive if I don’t wanna be?” and “I think I’m shutting down, going standby,” show a more modest and poetic take on the feelings Skinner endured.

I recommend initially listening to this song thoroughly to process the lyrics and find a connection through them. However, with the faster tempo and soft vocals, I could see this becoming a staple on any summery or road trip-styled playlists.

Overall, Cavetown delivered an alluring piece over real feelings many go through and did so in a way that truly captured the essence of the difficulties faced when braving different public spaces.


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