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Halloween Coded K-pop Songs

By Kya Brogdon | 20 October, 2023

Spooky season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than blasting your favorite Halloween playlist? While there are a plethora of songs that fit the vibe, below is a compilation of some of my favorite Halloween-coded K-pop songs to get you in the mood for the season.

But first, here’s a quick list of honorable mentions that also deserve a place in your Halloween playlist: “Drunk-Dazed” by ENHYPEN, “Can’t You See Me” by TOMORROW X TOGETHER, “Psycho” by BAEKHYUN, “Wonderland” by AleXa, and “Full Moon” by SUNMI.

1. The Black Cat Nero by ATEEZ

Accurately dubbed a “Halloween-coded” group, ATEEZ’s “The Black Cat Nero” is probably one of my favorite songs for this season. A cover of Turbo’s “Black Cat” from 1995, ATEEZ’s music video showcases the group in vampire-like attire as they put their own spin on the track. While ATEEZ has done various Halloween style performances of their own songs like “Wonderland” and “Deja Vu,” I always gravitate towards “The Black Cat Nero” to get myself in the Halloween mood.

2. “Zombie” by Purple Kiss

While more on the upbeat, bubbly side of the spectrum compared to other songs on this list, there’s no denying that a song titled “Zombie” is perfect for Halloween. The choreography is intricate and fun, and the repetitive chorus of “Zombie biebiebie biebiebiebiebiebiebie” is so catchy you’ll be humming it for days. “Zombie” is the perfect tune to brighten up any Halloween playlist.

3. “Drink It” by The Boyz

As the title suggests, “Drink It” is a vampire inspired song by 11-member group The Boyz. With crooning vocals singing lyrics like “Oh under the moonlight / 더 짙어 진 갈망만 / 혈관 속 뛰는 네 피는 Loud, Loud, Loud” (translations: “Oh under the moonlight / Desire grows thicker / Your blood running through your veins grows Loud, Loud, Loud”) and “네게 쥐여 줄게 Tonight / 유일한 선택지 / 네 앞엔 새빨간 유혹 뿐 / And the sun don’t shine / 탐내는 그 순간 / 숨소리 하나도 가쁘게 번져” (translation: “I’ll give it to you tonight / It’s your only choice / There’s only red temptation in front of you / And the sun don’t shine / The moment you want me / The sound of your breath will quickly spread”) coupled with a heavy drum beat, “Drink It” is the perfect song to get you in the Halloween mood.

4. “Scream” by Dreamcatcher

Yet another group that just screams Halloween, Dreamcatcher has a lot of songs that could end up on this list - but “Scream” is one of my favorites. The high tempo EDM style chorus is perfect for any house party, and the repetition of “Please I don’t want to scream” coupled with ethereal high notes in the background give the song just the right style of haunting needed for a Halloween song.

5. “Paranoia” by KANGDANIEL

Despite the fact that it was released in February, “Paranoia” is the epitome of a Halloween song. With crooning vocals, KANGDANIEL sings “You can run / You can hide / But they always find,” and “날 찾아오는 악몽에 / Nightmares make me go insane / 까맣게 짙어진 밤 / 내 맘속에 있는 monster / Alone in the dark.” (translation: “Nightmares coming to see me / Nightmares make me go insane / A dark night / With the monster that lives inside / Alone in the dark”). I got to see him perform this live at We Bridge earlier this year, and I was instantly transported into a dark and spooky atmosphere for the entirety of the track.

6. “Villian Dies” by (G)-Idle

Opening with the classic “Once Upon A Time” line, “Villain Dies” draws listeners in with its haunting melody and siren-like vocals from the members. The chorus is led by a catchy violin melody, “If the villain dies/ Okay, bullet, love, die / Heroine is mine, I'll never die / Even if it's your sad ending.” Similar in style to “Drink It”, “Villain Dies” creates a dark atmosphere that reminds me of the original fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm.


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