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Humans Were Here….And They Make Incredible Music

By Kristen Hawley | 15 November, 2022

Humans Were Here is a Chicago-based independent record label created and headed by Plain White T’s frontman, Tom Higgenson. Tom brings his two decades of artist experience to lend a guiding hand to the roster of artists, from Fairview, The Scissors, and more! Tom’s even involved in the group TLB and is living out his synth pop dream under the name, Million Miler, which is his solo project. Using his years of songwriting and performing to craft an artist development dedicated label to give these artists creativity freedom and a fresh perspective on their careers.

One of their artists, “Million Miler” is releasing a collaboration track, “Neon Lights” with alternative artist, Jordan Michelle. Million Miler bursted into the electronic scene in 2019 with his debut single, “Take A Chance On Me”. Pulling inspiration from the 1980’s, Million Miler creates synth pop records that everyone will want to dance to. And with the help of Humans Were Here, the marketing roll-out for his latest single was shining.

@humanswerehere website

The single dropped on November 14th and Humans Were Here were pros at hyping fans for this release. Along with Jordan Michelle and Million Miler promoting the release on their socials, Humans Were Here socials were teasing a snippet of the song on October 10th, followed up a week later with the pre-save link. Then in early November as we raced towards the single drop date, the label alerted fans to a few upcoming announcements on how they could celebrate the song.

The first celebration announcement was a Zoom party on the 14th at 5:30pm PST. All fans had to do was pre-save the single and they’d get an email with the link to join the party! And what’s a party without games, prizes, and surprises? And oh! Of course, Million Miler and Jordan Michelle were in attendance. And Humans Were Here were expert Zoom party hosts. They’ve thrown three Zoom dance parties this year for new releases from their artists like Million Miler and TLB. These Zoom parties break down the wall between artist and fan and mingles everyone who loves music to have a great time. These Zoom parties are the perfect, effective way to deepen fan engagement.

Using the #NEONLIGHTS in the post’s caption to generate buzz, along with teasing fans further with a surprise giveaway to a few fans who pre-save the single, Humans Were Here were kicking the “Neon Lights” celebration into overdrive.

More surprises are in store for fans with a music video coming and hopefully more dance parties on Zoom, YouTube, TikTok Live, and Instagram Live!

Get caught in the “Neon Lights” and listen to the single now!

Check out Humans Were Here on their official website, Instagram, and Facebook


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