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Introducing Milky Day

By Kya Brogdon | 12 June, 2023

milky day artist
Milky Day via Unbound Entertainment Group Press Release

With the rise in popularity of the bedroom pop/indie/R&B mashup of genres taking over the Gen-Z music scene, it’s no surprise that more and more artists of this style are signing on to labels and creating a space for themselves in the industry. One such artist is Korean-New Zealander singer-songwriter and producer, Milky Day. In January of 2023, Milky Day signed with management Unbound Entertainment Group, known for their work with artists like JUNNY, Shaun, Jimmy Brown, and more.

In celebration of this news, The News Stan(d) was able to hold an interview with Milky Day and get to know him a bit more.

TNS: Going from a SoundCloud artist to being signed to an agency is every musician's dream, how does it feel to reach this milestone?

MD: It’s been really awesome! Unbound Entertainment Group has helped accelerate my music career a lot, even just within these past few months that I’ve been with them. To be honest though, being signed was never really my main objective as my goal was simply to make good music to share with the world, rather than to become famous and make a massive career out of it. However, now that I’m working with Unbound, I’m realizing that I’ve been missing out on a lot of opportunities and I’ve been learning things about my artistry that I didn’t know before. It’s also been pushing me out of my comfort zone and encouraging me to try things I usually wouldn’t - such as experimenting with new fashion styles or performing in front of the camera.

TNS: Is there a story behind your artist name?

MD: There is a small story behind the name, but there isn’t really any significant meaning behind “Milky Day.” It was originally a name that two college friends and I came up with together, back when we made music together. We liked that it had a laid-back vibe and thought it had a ring to it. Eventually, we stopped making music together, but with their permission, I kept the name and continued the “Milky Day” legacy! I happen to really like milk though (I drink milk for breakfast with cereal, in my protein shakes, in my coffee, etc.), so I guess it’s quite fitting!

TNS: What is your creative process? Do you tend to write lyrics and then a melody, or vice versa?

MD: I always start off by producing the track first, usually starting with chords then adding drums, basslines, and other instruments. Next, I come up with catchy or interesting melodies by humming ideas or singing random words. Lastly, I add lyrics to those melodies, although often these two processes come hand in hand. Sometimes, I also have to make minor adjustments to the melodies to fit the number of syllables in the lyrics or to make the lyrics flow more naturally.

TNS: What is one song that a new fan should be sure to listen to? Why?

MD: You should listen to “Take it Slow,” because it’s my personal favorite! I think the melody is really catchy and it’s a pretty upbeat, sensual summer bop - I still enjoy listening to that song to this day.

TNS: You have a math degree from Amherst College, which is a little unusual for a musician. Do you feel this degree has helped you with your music, or do you just really like math?

MD: I don’t think it helped me a whole lot with music, but it may have helped at a subconscious or indirect level. I say this because music definitely involves numbers to an extent - for example, when determining intervals between notes, adjusting the different levels of effects when mixing music, or keeping track of rhythms. However, the main reason I studied mathematics in college was because I heard that math opened a lot of doors in different industries or jobs (I wasn’t sure what career pathway I wanted to pursue at the time), and I knew it would make me more competitive in the labor market after graduating. I also liked how challenging mathematics was, it was kind of like solving difficult puzzles.

TNS: You’ve expressed interest in going on your own tour, any cities/countries in particular you want to visit?

MD: There are a couple of cities I would love to hit. Auckland is on there since that’s my hometown, as well as Sydney and Melbourne which are close to home. I’d love to visit New York City as some of my close artist friends live there, as well as Los Angeles since I lived there for a bit. I’d like to pop by Seoul where my parents live, and maybe Tokyo. I also want to visit some cities in Canada (perhaps Toronto and Vancouver) since I’ve never visited Canada and would love to check it out. Similarly, I’d love to visit various cities in Europe because I haven’t been to many cities in Europe before either!

TNS: Any dream collaborations? Something with JUNNY, perhaps?

MD: There are lots of artists and producers I’d love to collaborate with. I draw inspiration from R&B artists like DPR, Alina Baraz, and Frank Ocean, so working with them would be a dream come true. I also have huge respect for the production style of music producers like Lophiile, Medasin, and Galimatias, so I would love to co-produce a track with them at some point. A collaboration with Junny would be fun too! I feel like his niche is a little bit different from mine though, but since we share the same management, the possibility is always there.

TNS: What do you like to do in your free time besides make music?

MD: When I’m not making music, I enjoy going to the gym or being active with my friends. In general I like doing things that are outdoorsy or in nature, such as going on hikes or spending the day at the beach. When I’m not outside, you can usually find me at home playing video games or watching movies with my housemates.

After taking a dive into Milky Day’s discography, I recommend “You’ll Be Alright” and “Listen to the Rain” for your studying or late night driving playlist, and “Maybe I’ll Go” if you’re wanting something with more of an upbeat and electronic style. Whatever your vibe, Milky Day has something that you’ll enjoy. His smooth vocals and effortlessly creative melodies make every song a great listen. With hints of a new EP release, 2023 is shaping up to be the year of Milky Day.

Thank you to Milky Day and Unbound Entertainment Group for this interview, we can’t wait to see what comes next for Milky Day!

milky day singer
Milky Day via Unbound Entertainment Group Press Release

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