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Jack and Jack: No Place Like Home Tour

By Tara Demers | 26 March, 2024

The duo, Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson, kicked off their journey in 2013 by sharing Vines, gaining traction with their comedic shorts on the social media platform. Since then, they've churned out a plethora of infectious tunes and melodies. Their inaugural newest album, "HOME," hit the shelves just this March. Seamlessly encapsulating their signature sounds, the album boasts a collection of hit songs like "Stuttering," "September's Gone," "Thought I Was Dead" and of course their iconic, "Like That (Jacks Version)." with SK8 They also had some amazing collaborations on the album like with Sammy Wilk on "Paranoid."

The atmosphere was absolutely electric at Brighton Music Hall in Boston this past Sunday, drawing a crowd as sizable as that. Despite 11 years in the industry, Jack and Jack continue to captivate new fans, demonstrating their enduring appeal.

Opening the show was Sammy Wilk, igniting the crowd and setting the stage for the evening ahead. Launching into his set with tracks like "Drugs," "Mexico," and "Saturday (The Wedding Song)," Sammy's smooth vocals had the audience singing and dancing non-stop. Introducing an unreleased gem, "Mrs. Perfect," he followed up with classics like "Aye Ma" alongside hits such as "Come Get Lost," "Could Be," "Light Up," and "Best Friend." Sammy maintained a consistent energy throughout, with the crowd's excitement palpable throughout his performance.

Once 9:00pm came, it was time for the duo to hit the stage. Jack Gilinsky came out from the stage door making fans roar as his vocals filled the venue with their first song of the night, "Thought I Was Dead." Soon after, Jack Johnson jumped into stage starting his first rap verse of the night. Their Album, "HOME," released just three weeks ago, fans had already committed every lyric to memory. The seamless fusion of Jack Gilinsky's velvety vocals and Jack Johnson's dynamic rap prowess has consistently delivered exceptional performances, and tonight was no different.

Their magnetic stage presence commanded attention as they engaged with the audience, making full use of the stage to cultivate a spirited and vivacious atmosphere. As they went down their 19 song setlist with hits from the new album, to songs from their prior album, "A Good Friend Is Nice," and even hit singles. The audience even joined in on a fun, "Happy Birthday" sing-along for Jack J., who was celebrating his 28th birthday.

They eventually embarked on a substantial medley of beloved throwback tunes, with the room erupting in screams of excitement. Fans enthusiastically belted out every lyric, deeply moved by the nostalgic resonance of these tracks. The medley encompassed "Flights," "Paradise (Never Change)," "Wrong Ones," "California," "Wild Life," "Cold Hearted," "Groove," and "Tides."

Concluding their performance on a high note, they delivered crowd favorites such as "Ecstasy," "French Love Story," and "2 Cigarettes," even inviting Sammy Wilk onstage for their rendition of "Paranoid." The night reached its peak when Sk8 joined them to close with their timeless anthem, "Like That." Overall, It was undeniably a night brimming with excitement and vitality courtesy of Jack and Jack. Being a fan since their Vine days and watching their evolution over the years, and witnessing them dominate the stage once again was incredibly satisfying and a moment of pride for fans like myself.

All images are from Jack and Jack: No Place Like Home Tour, shot on 3/24 /24 in Boston, MA at Brighton Music Hall.




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