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Lizzy McAlpine Five Seconds Flat The Tour: Live in Philly

By Madeline Keane | 12 October, 2022

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m a “ride or die” Lizzy McAlpine fan (see the other article I’ve already written about her and her music for proof). So, when the tour for her album Five Seconds Flat was announced, I jumped on the chance for tickets, and rushed again to snag a VIP package when they were made available in early August.

I’d seen her once in February of 2022 when she opened for Dodie, but I was especially excited to watch her perform on her first headline tour, and even more thrilled when I’d realized that the opening artist, 26 year old singer-songwriter Carol Ades, had graduated from the same high school as I did! Side note: If you haven’t heard any of Ades’ music, you need to check her out, she is seriously a phenomenal musician.

Photo by Paige Good

On Friday September 23rd, the day I had long awaited finally came! I spent my day trying to focus in class,, making a cute poster for the show, and heading towards Theatre of Living Arts in Philly for a 6:30 pm VIP entrance. I checked in, received the most adorable VIP lanyard, and bought some merchandise while patiently waiting for the pre-show Q&A session to start. Before long, Lizzy came on stage, answered a bunch of questions from fans! I was lucky enough to get to ask her what her experience making friends and creating a community in the music industry has been, to which she responded that it’s been amazing, stating that this business can be very isolating and having people who are on the same path as you by your side is so comforting. She even sang an unreleased song before doors opened at 8:00 to let the rest of her fans in!

As we all stood waiting, I could feel the anticipation spreading through the room and coursing through my bones. After about fifteen minutes or so, the house lights went down once again, and the crowd went wild, screaming “LIZZY! LIZZY! LIZZY!”. Finally, Lizzy and her band graced the stage, opening with “an ego thing”, the second song off of her latest album. The setlist consisted of almost every song from Five Seconds Flat, while also sprinkling in songs from her first album, Give Me a Minute, and two unreleased songs which I, along with the rest of the audience, lost my mind over. Another special treat was a surprise appearance from Ben Kessler, who joined Lizzy to sing their duet, “reckless driving” together for the first time in front of a live audience! After a few more songs, the night was coming to a close, and McAlpine ended her set with “orange show speedway”, a personal favorite of mine and overall the perfect end to a perfect night. This was my first ever VIP concert experience, and I had a truly amazing time with McAlpine and her team.


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