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Maryon King Doesn’t Write Womanizing Men Off as “Boys Will Be Boys”

By Kristen Hawley | 25 November, 2022

Women grow up listening to men’s rude and appalling behavior being written off as nothing more than “Boys Will Be Boys”. It’s a tale as old as time. Women are expected to swallow our hurt and not bat an eyelash as men expect us to forgive and ignore the damage they cause us. But pop singer Maryon King isn’t backing down from calling out toxic and manipulative men for what they are. With her single, “Boys Will Be Boys”, she’s taking one of the most horrific, compliant phrases and flipping it on its head. A female empowerment anthem needs to be blasted at full volume and screamed in our cars.

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Don’t let the Afrojack and Tiesto inspired beats blindside you from the deep cutting lyrics. Maryon details how “Boys will be boys, will be boys, will be poison / Turn you to toys and play with your emotions.” But she also reassures that she is old enough to know it’s not her fault. Growth, age, and maturity is the most stand-out aspect of the songwriting – Maryon is not blaming girls and is definitely not excusing men’s behavior.

The track acknowledges that when someone convinces you they care and love you, it’s not your fault for believing them. Maryon shows the real crime committed wasn’t trusting men and taking them at their word - but the guy’s fault for giving you his word before he cut and ran. The mix of electronic beats and empowering lyrics makes this the perfect anthem to dance your broken heart out to. Maryon cements herself among the ranks of pop queens, like Ava Max and Mabel, that flow so well in the electronic space.

Maryon spilled some insight on the core messaging of “Boys Will Be Boys” and said that “It’s about the fickle nature of modern relationships - or ‘situationships’ - where the person you thought cared about you only wants you for your body.” In a day-in-age swamped with situationships, hook-up culture, and playing a cat-and-mouse mind game of “who cares less” to protect oneself, this song is dedicated to the ones who don’t want their feelings and connections to be fleeting. She helps listeners to recognize the poison in their partner, notice the red flags that they only give you a taste to keep you coming back, and will leave you in the snap of their fingers when you want more.

Maryon performed a stripped down version of “Boys Will Be Boys” which is titled fittingly as the “Heartbreak Version”. Pulling back the dance beats and club vibe leaves just Maryon’s incredible, powerful voice, a soft background piano that forces the listener to listen to the lyrics and examine how they relate to your relationship.

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Maryon King’s single, “Boys Will Be Boys” shows women that this traditional phrase to write off toxic male behavior isn’t an excuse anymore - it’s a warning. And hopefully by the end of the track - you’ve danced (or screamed) the pain away and have forgotten all about what’s his name that broke your heart.

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