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New Hope Club’s Two New Singles - LUSH and Walk It Out - Welcome Fans Into A New Era

By Kristen Hawley | 7 February 2023

New Hope Club is a British pop trio made up of 3 solo artists whose paths quickly intertwined: George Smith, Reece Bibby, and Blake Richardson. George, Reece, and Blake burst onto the 2015 pop scene and gained wide recognition with their cover of The Vamps’ “Wake Up”. Not only were fans first introduced to George, Reece, and Blake, but The Vamps saw the group’s cover and saw their potential. Following this, The Vamps co-signed New Hope Club to Steady Records. Since then, the New Hope Club has been finding themselves with their launch into stardom.

Credit: joshuafphotos

In anticipation of their second album, New Hope Club released dual singles, “L.U.S.H” and “Walk It Out”, along with accompanying videos in October 2022.

“L.U.S.H” is a sensual, genuinely fun pop track that captures the feel of live-music within its 2:53 runtime. It feels like a slight nod to the Australian group, 5 Seconds of Summer’s work on their albums, Youngblood and CALM. The group described the track as urgent, intimidating, and saucy, with the track containing their most risqué lyrics yet. “L.U.S.H” details a relationship’s beginnings, where everything is riveting, lustful, and the want for your partner is always there. Deep love isn’t truly developed yet, but this magnetic energy of infatuation and attraction draws the couple closer. When you’re crushing on them…hard. As the guys mentioned, the song feels urgent and desperate for the other person. Reliving the moments shared together and being torn apart by their love.

Many would predict the music video for this track would be a straightforward cat-and-mouse love story; the lyrics paint this story so clearly. But, New Hope Club went in a different direction and expressed a more goofy side to themselves in the video. Poking fun at themselves (and exposing a common fear for most musicians) the video shows the guys getting hyped up to do a show, perform a flirty, sensual song, and there’s only two older people in the crowd. Who couldn’t care less about what’s going on stage.

The second track, “Walk It Out” is an indie rock with a similar romantic undertones as “L.U.S.H”. This song embodies getting dressed up to go crazy during a night on the town. The listener can easily imagine the night of running around, going from bar to bar, new sites, dancing around, having one of those rare nights where it feels like everything is possible and nothing is real outside of this moment with your partner. The inspiration behind “Walk It Out” came from the New Hope Club’s love for FIFA video games.

It’s no coincidence these two songs were released together because they’re twins sharing intertwining storytelling, instrumentals, and aura. When deciding to release the two partnering tracks, New Hope Club wanted to showcase the sound and energy they felt while performing live. And they believe these two songs showcased a similar feel and tempo.

As New Hope Club is on the cusp of entering a new era with their upcoming album, fans can expect experimental tracks and progression from their debut album.

The debut album’s sound was a good representation of walking into the music industry at 15-years-old. The guys were able to work with so many incredible writers and producers to create a collection of music that first invited the world into New Hope Club. They have never been shy about the fact that they didn’t write all the tracks on the first record. But, leading into their second album, the guys didn’t want to hold back. The entire record has been made by them and every decision was made by them because it held a significant purpose and meaning. They were now able to experiment and find a sound that is very much true to who they are now. The opportunity to grow and challenge themselves came during the past two years when the lockdown gave them extensive time to write and get back to who the New Hope Club really is.

Each new era for an artist gives fans fresh content to sink their teeth into. A new aesthetic, songs, and messaging to match the album’s theme. While we don’t know much about what the upcoming New Hope Club era will look like visually and sonically, fans know that emotionally it is: more real, personal, and open.


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