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Niall Horan Returns, and Brings Us All to "Heaven"

By Dani McKenzie | 27 February 2023

After months of teasing (him) and years of anticipation (us), Niall Horan finally released his long-awaited return single, "Heaven," on February 17th. With a unique and seemingly never-ending TikTok promo campaign, the build-up for this single was massive. Beginning with little hint videos of him humming the melody in December 2022, moving onward with studio clips, a website with a candle that represented the time left, the single announcement, more and more clips of the song, and then at long last "Heaven" itself.

The wait was so worth it.

Beginning with an intro that feels like you’re ascending to, you guessed it, heaven, and moving right into a drum-based groove that was a staple to the bangers of his sophomore album, Heartbreak Weather, "Heaven" just gets better and better with every listen. With its ethereal and explosive chorus, the song is hopeful, overwhelming with love. There is a sense of nostalgia in the song, with small callbacks to Horan's past music and lyricism—but there’s an evolution too.

Horan's discography is marked by his endlessly comforting voice, music that makes you feel, and uniquely lyrical poetry. If we’re being honest, he just never misses. What am I going to do? Lie? No! Niall Horan only makes bangers and that's that.

Via @niallhoran on Instagram

As a long-time fan of Niall Horan, I missed him and his music so much and I am excited to see what he will do in this new era. Adding to the excitement, he announced on February 15 that his third album, The Show, will be released on June 9, with rumors of touring at its heels. I cannot wait to see what this era will bring—I just know it'll be heavenly.


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