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NOT A TOY Gets Trapped in a “BAD MOOD”

By Kristen Hawley | 12 August, 2022

Who else feels like a sponge that soaks up the energy surrounding them? Does a positive attitude lift you higher while a negative mood leaves you unenergized and disconnected. If so, Denver based band, NOT A TOY, explores this phenomena with their new single, “BAD MOOD”.

“BAD MOOD” is a trap infused track about someone that has got you stuck in a bad place mentally. Whether it’s an ex partner, friend, or even yourself, NOT A TOY explores the figure of someone who brings you down.

It’s a universal feeling and especially in recent years and world events, it’s easy to always feel like you’re in a bad mood. “BAD MOOD” isn’t an anthem to cheer you up. Instead, it allows the listener the space to feel upset, agitated, and unnerved – to give into those negative feelings and explore them rather than try to immediately fix them.

In the second verse, lead singer, Branson Hoog, sings “You got me drained of all my energy, looking at you for remedy”.

This line, in particular, doesn’t just reference a toxic person in your life, but is a metaphor for depression. In a depressive state, we lose all motivation, excitement or energy. Sometimes doing what we used to love or even just getting out of bed feels like a major undertaking. But, we can be our own worst enemy and our own remedy.

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“BAD MOOD” is a pivot from the band’s previous, self-titled EP, which is an alternative, guitar driven rock leaning album but this genre switch works perfectly with the tone and dark lyrics of the song. It feels like the perfect fit for a show like “Euphoria” or to blast in your car when it’s been a rough day. Sonically it falls in the likes of other trap inspired artists such as Chase Atlantic or blackbear.

NOT A TOY’s single, “BAD MOOD”, shows the band's immense range. They locked down the alternative and rock sound before on previous records

, but after this track, they have proved they can just as seamlessly flow into the trap space.

Listen to “BAD MOOD” out now and watch the video here!


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