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ONEUS is back with Pygmalion

By Kya Brodgon | 17, May, 2023

oneus latest comeback
Image from RBW Inc. via Spotify

Just weeks after falling in love with them at We Bridge, my newly To Moon (ONEUS’s fandom name) self has been counting down the days until the group released their newest comeback Pygmalion. Their 9th mini album consists of five tracks exploring multiple different styles and genres, ONEUS continues their incredible display of talents that they’ve shown off since their debut.

Starting the album with the track “Intro : Lethe,” I was not at all expecting the ballet influence to shine so brightly through the music - but I’m obsessed with it. The instrumentals and sultry vocals go together so beautifully. Part of me wishes that this track was the title, so we could get the ONEUS members doing some ballet moves in a music video.

The title track of the album, “Erase Me” is a mixture of orchestra and EDM sounds that come together to create an emo-pop-inspired melody. Telling the story of what it’s like to go through a breakup and desperately wanting to get rid of the memories, the members sing “길이 엇갈린 / 마주할 수 없는 우린 / 끊어져간 붉은실처럼 / 전부 다다다 지워버려 / 모두 다다다 태워버려 / 저리 다다다 치워버려 / 새겨진 기억들 모두 다 / ERASE ME Now.” (translation: “The tracks have crossed / We can't face each other / Like a broken red thread / Erase everything / Burn everything / Get rid of everything / Erase all the memories / Erase me now”.) The pre-chorus, chorus, and post-chorus are somehow a combination of anti-drop, noise music, and a “normal” chorus all at once - and it works. The pre-chorus follows a siren-like melody broken by an intense few beats of music, and this leads into an instrumental heavy chorus that allows the ONEUS members to truly show off their incredible dance skills. The beat is addicting, and there’s something so inherently ONEUS about the way the song flows. “Erase Me” is a perfect addition to their already stellar lineup of title tracks, and I’m excited to see all of the music show performances that are to come with this song.

Unforgettable” was released a few weeks before the album as a pre-release single, and it has quickly become my favorite song on the album. This is the ONEUS music video that I’ve been able to tune into since it premiered, and I was hooked from the get-go. I love music videos that follow the group members as they go around on adventures with each other, which is exactly what this music v entails. Adding in the pre-apocalyptic/grunge vibe, the members run around with a camera recording their fun— you’ve described my favorite music videos to a T. Not only is the music video amazing, but the song itself is as well. The pop-rock vibe is perfect for a leading B-side, and the melody is the perfect earworm. In the bridge, the lyrics give reference to the title track; “지웠다 지웠다 너를 다 / 몇 번이고 다짐해봐도 결국에 / 다시 너와 날 잇다, ooh” (translation: “I erased, I erased all of you / No matter how many times I promised myself / In the end I entwine you and me”) with member Lee Seoho showing off his vocal skills on the ending note. There’s been a trend of pre-release singles becoming my favorite songs off of albums after their release, and “Unforgettable” only serves to continue this pattern.

The final two songs on the album are both softer than the title track, but they’re just as impactful even without hard-hitting instrumentals. “Echo” opens with a melodic intro and features - you guessed it - echoing vocals throughout the track. This is a song that I can see the members performing on stage behind mic stands, swaying to the beat and serenading their fans. “Halleys Comet” gives me such strong K-drama OST vibes I thought for a moment I had accidentally queued the wrong playlist. With a soft, acoustic guitar opening and a rock-inspired chorus, this track is perfect for those main character walks on crisp autumn nights.

For this being the first ONEUS album drop I experienced as a full-fledged fan, they truly have set the bar high. I can definitely see why the members claimed that this album would pull new fans into them, and why “Erase Me” was many of the members’ favorite song. Congrats on a strong and successful comeback, boys!


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