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P1Harmony’s “Harmony: Set In” Review

By Kya Brogdon | 5 December, 2022


P1Harmony is back with their second EP installment in the Harmony series, Harmony: Set In. Released on November 30, 2022, the six-member group continues their trend of fast-paced, upbeat songs with meaningful and encouraging lyrics.

They come out with a bang beginning the EP with their newest title track, “Back Down.” Accompanied by a quintessential noise music melody (a staple for many 4th generation K-pop groups like P1Harmony, and one of my favorite sub-genres) and an ear-wormy guitar riff, the members sing about never backing down from adversary and standing back up when the world pushes them down. With a pre-chorus full of triumph, the lyrics read, “We don’t need, we don’t need second chances / We don’t care, we ain’t scared anymore / 이겨 낼 수 있어 Together /덤벼 누구든지 Yeah whatever / So what you waiting for?” (translation: We can do it together / Bring it on! Yeah, whatever). Coupled with energetic and intense choreography, “Back Down” is definitely one of those songs you play when you need a burst of confidence in your day.

Following the strong title track is the b-side, “BFF (Best Friends Forever)” which also features a new catchy guitar riff that plays along with the lyrics. This song - an ode to friendship rather than romantic relationships - tells the story of living life with your bestie by your side, and celebrates how strong of a bond a best friendship can be. In the bridge, leader Yoon Keeho sings “깨질 수 없는 강한 Magical / 우리 둘 사이는 마치 Miracle” (translation: It’s unbreakable, strong, magical / Our bond is like a miracle). As is common with new releases, P1Harmony has taken to TikTok to create a dance challenge for this song with adorable choreography showing off the bond between friends. A refreshing beat with a refreshing set of lyrics, “BFF” is a song I can easily see myself playing on long road trips and adventures with my friends.

Another essential in P1Harmony albums, “Better Together” serves as this EP’s softer, ballad-esque song. With a combination of the messages of “Back Down” and “BFF,” “Better Together” tells listeners it’s okay to stumble and fall as long as you get back up and keep going, and that they’ll be by your side for as long as it takes. In the bridge, members Hwang Intak and Keeho sing “난 너여야만 해 너뿐이면 돼 / 두려워도 함께면 it's okay / 나 혼잔 절대 할 수 없어 / 서로 기대고 있어서 / 서 있을 수 있는 거야”(translation: “I have to be you. You're all I need / Even if I'm afraid, if we're together, it's okay / I can never do it alone / We can stand because we’re leaning on each other.”) Some of my favorite P1Harmony songs come from their softer B-sides (“Peacemaker” made an appearance on my Spotify Wrapped this year - perhaps my favorite P1Harmony song of all time), and I can definitely tell that “Better Together” will be quickly added to that list.

Overall, I think this EP marks a great fifth comeback for the group. While it showcases the growth they’ve had since their debut in 2020, each song stays true to their roots as a group and highlights their incredible vocals, rap, and dance moves. They’ve already started receiving more attention as this comeback has led them to their first US talk show debut on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and I can’t wait to see how they continue to rise in popularity and garner the success they so deserve.

With 2023 tour dates just announced, I know I’ll be doing everything I can to get tickets to see them. I need more P1Harmony live performances in my life after seeing their set at KCON LA 2022!


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