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Vukovi’s “QUENCH” Shakes Up 2022 Punk-Rock Scene

By Kristen Hawley | 12 December, 2022

If Stranger Things was set in 2022, “QUENCH” is the perfect song to pick for Eddie Munson to shred on the guitar in the finale episode and it could double as a spot-on theme song for Megan Fox’s character, Jennifer Check, in the 2009 horror comedy “Jennifer’s Body”.

The Scottish group Vukovi blends heavy rock and pop punk instrumentals that has residue of the heavy metal, Metallica scene. The lead singer, Janine Shilstone, has one of those voices that fits in perfectly with an intense, grunge sound. It’s also empowering to see Janine as a female lead that is unapologetic and truly shines in a rock space that has been so heavily saturated with men. Her vocals and line delivery are sharp and in a song like “QUENCH”, her voice does anything but fade away. “QUENCH” is a hard rock-based song, but it blends in modern twists and synths to make the listeners notice a new element to the song each time they listen