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Waterparks at the Fonda - Los Angeles, CA

By Brynn Evida | 22 June, 2023

Pop punk fan-favorite trio Waterparks recently wrapped their headlining “Property” tour with a two-night run at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. The national tour celebrated the band’s 5th full-length studio album, Intellectual Property, and brought them across 32 cities in North America. The energetic and comedic performance partnered with the crowd’s enthusiasm made for a fulfilling experience.

Featuring a well-rounded and polished production, the show stood out as a unique expression of Waterparks' many previous albums and eras. LED screens often illuminated the venue from behind the band, highlighting popular moments and words from the band’s history. New and cryptic aspects of the staging and wardrobe sparked conversations among fans hoping to have hints about what will come in future releases.

The fan base that Waterparks has been built around is one of the most dedicated, many of them walking out of the venue after the show only to get in line for the next night immediately after. Camping overnight in the unseasonably cold weather Los Angeles has brought this month is no small feat, but The Fonda’s front walkway looked like one giant sleepover. Considering this, Waterparks seems to know exactly how to put on a phenomenal show and create community at the same time.


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