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Why Pre-Save Campaigns Are Important For Artists

By Katalina Garber | 29 July, 2021

In the world of streaming, it’s vital for artists to take advantage of the marketing resources at their fingertips when preparing for a new release. One type of campaign that has become increasingly popular is a pre-save campaign. These campaigns allow artists to interactively engage with fans prior to a release and increase their chances of potential playlist placement.

A “pre-save” is the streaming equivalent of a “pre-order.” Before a release, fans have the option to add an artist’s release to their libraries as soon as it becomes available on the release day. This option is available on most major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Deezer.

So what makes pre-save campaigns so important for artists?

Pre-save campaigns have a lot of potential benefits, especially for smaller artists. By having fans commit to adding your music to their collection, you not only significantly increase the likelihood of fans listening to your music once it’s released, but you also increase your chances of getting on algorithmic or editorial playlists.

The more saves you get, the greater likelihood that streaming algorithms will detect an interest in your release. This is because pre-saves may generate you lots of saves, which translate into streams on release day. When a streaming service starts to take notice that people are interested in your release, you may be placed on algorithmic playlists like Spotify’s Discovery Weekly or Apple Music’s New Music Mix. If you generate a significant amount of saves, Spotify playlist curators may even pick up on your release and place it on one of their official playlists.

Additionally, when fans pre-save your release, it’s added automatically into their library. This helps drive immediate as well as future listens since people won’t forget to hit that “add” button when playing your music and will have the release saved into their collection already.

Another important marketing benefit that pre-save campaigns provide is the chance for artists to build momentum and engage with their fans leading up to the release. During the weeks prior to release day, artists can promote their music by asking fans to pre-save the new release. Many take this opportunity to incentivize their audience to take action by running contests or offering access to exclusive content. By encouraging fans to pre-save, artists are driving tangible action during the lead-up period, which encourages fans’ listens upon the release.

During the pre-save process, fans also sometimes authorize streaming services to notify them of the release by email. Use that chance to invite fans to join your mailing list! This is another unique opportunity to increase your fanbase so that fans can stay updated with any new releases or performances in the future.

It’s important for artists to emphasize to their fans how easy it is to pre-save a release and how doing so really helps them get their music out into the world. People love to support the artists they listen to, especially when it just takes a few clicks.

Throughout the entire pre-save campaign, artists must be persistent and take advantage of this chance to reach a wider audience. By maximizing this tool, small artists give themselves a better chance at gaining more exposure and garnering more streams. So next time you’re preparing for a new release, consider conducting a pre-save campaign!

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