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Anything But Typical: A Review of eaJ's New Single “Typical Story”

By Kya Brogdon | 13 December, 2022

eaj typical story
The Wizard Room via Spotify

By: Kya Brogdon | 13 December, 2022

Fresh off of Head In The Clouds in Taipei, singer/songwriter eaJ (Park Jaehyung) dropped the surprise announcement that his newest single, “Typical Story,” would be released on December 8th. In his tweet, he says that if fans achieve 1 million streams on Spotify, he will release another song next week and will continue to do so until every song he has ready is dropped.

eajPark tweet about typical story
@eaJPark via Twitter

After streaming his previous single, “Car Crash” for the entirety of 2022 - no really, it’s my fifth most played song of the year - I was absolutely ecstatic to wake up to the news of new eaJ music dropping so soon. He’s been teasing this song for a while, at all of his Head In The Clouds shows he’s been playing it along with many other unreleased songs, and while we were originally given a release date of January 2nd, I’m so happy to be getting it earlier. As soon as it hit 12 a.m. EST, I had my Spotify open and ready.

“Typical Story” is anything but a typical indie pop song. Opening with a more lo-fi style arrangement of chords, the first vocal tone we get is a pitched-up version of eaJ’s voice. Swinging like a pendulum, his pitch continues down until we get his original vocals in the second verse—only for the pitch to be pulled back upwards as the song comes to a close. In just two minutes and eight seconds, eaJ uses “Typical Story” to showcase his incredible soprano vocals, as well as his lyricism.

The chorus, “I'll wait on you / So you don't have to lose another moment moving ahead / I'll wait on you / Cause now you hardly move but / In seconds you'll be running again,” is one of those that I can already hear crowds singing back to him at a packed concert despite the emotional tones of the song. It also adds a dash of hope into the song, wherein both singer and fan can tell each other, “I’ll wait on you, you won’t be alone.”

Stream “Typical Story” and keep an eye out for future eaJ releases coming soon!


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