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Eve, Psyche, and the Bluebeard's Wife: Meaning and Impact

By Naomi Rodriguez | 16, June, 2023

Le Sserafim Eve, Psyche, and the Bluebeard’s Wife
Le Sserafim from SourceMusic Twitter, photographed by Cho Giseok (2023)

Eve, Psyche, & The Bluebeard’s Wife

HYBE Label artists are known for having long or intrinsic titles for their songs–previous examples being TXT’s “What If I Had Been That PUMA” and ENHYPEN’s “ParadoXXX Invasion.” Recently, Le Sserafim doesn’t shy away from the trends of their seniors with “Eve, Psyche, & The Bluebeard’s Wife.” With their rise on MELON’s Top 10 Charts, Twitter users only just realized that the song has a deeper meaning than what everyone thought. As someone who grew up with mythology and extensive fiction, I figured this title wasn’t just a bunch of people being name-dropped; so I began to put the pieces together.

Many are wondering who in the world are Eve, Psyche, and Bluebeard’s Wife.

The most well-known of the three is Eve; from the Bible’s story of Adam and Eve and creation. Psyche comes from Greek Mythology; she was closest to mortal life and her beauty rivaled that of Aphrodite. Bluebeard’s Wife originates from a French folktale; her original name being Ariadne and Bluebeard’s seventh and last wife. But what do all these women have in common?

They ventured to the “forbidden” and were blamed for their fate.

Eve took the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden. Psyche’s curiosity opened the golden box that put her to sleep which was carried out by Aprhodite’s cruelty. Ariadne found the forbidden room of all of Bluebeard’s past wives' corpses, and she escaped her murderous fate. Eve, Psyche, and the Bluebeard’s Wife became the standard of curiosity and strength for women. The lyrics aren't the only thing that covers unique history. Beautifully enough, the underlying beat of this song is inspired by subcultures of Jersey House and Ballroom culture which is founded by Black Queer musicians and performers in the New Jersey–New York area.

From the beginning, the members have cemented themselves as hard workers and contributors to their message of being dynamic and influential. Huh Yunjin, the group's main vocalist, contributed to the lyrics of this song, as well as her own solo projects such as “I≠IDOL'' and “Raise y_our glass,” which covers the experiences of being a woman and finding yourself in the spotlight. Le Sserafim’s message from their debut is being a group of fearless women; and this was a graceful journey of their trilogy “Fearless,” “Antifragile,” and “Unforgiven.” It became a progression of expectations, rebellions, and acceptance of their existence.

With Le Sserafim being an anagram of I’m Fearless, their striking performances and creativity will lead them to the top of this generation. Their fearlessness for concepts and work has become a symbol for strong women in the industry.


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