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Everyone Should Hear eaJ’s Fire New Single

By Avree Noelle Linne | 13 May 2024

eaJ via @eajpark on Instagram

Since early March, Jaehyung Park (known artistically as eaJ but by most simply as “Jae”) has been releasing short videos across social media promoting some of his already released tracks. Suddenly, on March 26th, a video dropped featuring the singer in a field belting a song he has been opening his tour and at festivals with for about a year now, titled “Friendly Fire”. This song had yet to be released, but all of that changed on May 10th when it officially hit streaming platforms.

eaJ has two clear directions in his music; tear you apart with the most soul-wrenching song you’ve ever heard or fun and boppy earworm you can’t help but keep on loop. This song fits perfectly into the second category. I love how eaJ and his composer Jorgen Odegard play around with the synth in the track, not only letting it ring out like it’s traditionally played, but quickly tapping each key to add to the bounciness of the song. When the track dropped at 10pm, the high energy chorus and the punchy melody left me unable to do anything for about 20 minutes but dance in my kitchen, blasting the track.

One of the most interesting elements of the song is in the verses. Instead of following a more traditional melody, he falls off on the last word of the line before utilizing a vocal filter for it a moment later. This is best utilized in the first verse  where he sings, “Late night, restless/I can smell the white lies on your (Breath) / Words fly, bullets / Ripping through our hearts straight out our (Chest)”. The voice filter gives the illusion that the singer is moving between describing the situation from an emotional standpoint and taking a step back to realizing how done with the situation he is. eaJ is  a multifaceted, genius artist that is not to be looked over, and playful yet intentional moments like this slowly reveal that to even the most casual of listeners.

I have followed eaJ’s career since his days in K-band DAY6, with his first single “Car Crash” hitting my top played songs the year it was released as well as him making it to my top played artist on Spotify last year (my top track being “pacman”, I can’t write an article about eaJ without mentioning this masterpiece), and every release reminds me why I keep coming back. “Friendly Fire” is no exception, and I am counting down the days until a tour announcement makes its way to my social feed so I can finally hear these tracks live.


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