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Melina KB is Coming with a “Force of Nature”

By Naomi Rodriguez | 10 May, 2024

Image via Melina KB

In an era of the ache to be heard and seen in such a large industry, Melina KB makes her mark in the most unique way possible–focusing her music in a mixture of the Theatre and Pop-Punk genres. As niche this may seem, her powerful voice and strong instrumentals has brought in almost 400,000 Spotify Monthly Listeners all while she’s still building her repertoire of songs. She recognizes the impact she has on her audience–which is predominantly women–and while promoting her music, she has raised over $1.3K for Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence via a Bumble-sponsored concert, exclusive merchandise, and an official music video for "I've Had Enough.” I had the privilege and joy to be able to interview her, and I soon realized she is truly a force to be reckoned with.

On May 10th, Melina KB will be releasing her newest single, “Force of Nature,” which is the starter for her Sophomore EP. From the very beginning of the single, you hear the heavy rock guitar with Melina KB’s passionate voice, depicting the intense urge of wanting to be with her best friend. This new story portrays the confusing feelings of having a crush on your best friend–but it’s your girl best friend. “A song like Force of Nature is not just important, but the center point of it being that I’ve never felt comfortable enough to release a song that even discusses a female love interest,” Melina says. She recognizes her openness of her sexuality since she was 14, but being able to be vulnerable to try to discuss a personal sapphic love story is new territory for her. She describes this feeling as queer yearning; and she even shares that she was able to spill her guts out in a Google Doc with her best friend about this time of her life. The connection between Melina KB and her best friend openly discussing their feelings about a female love interest, and even delving into how complex being bisexual can be, is a powerful movement in the music scene, and  will help lift Melina KB’s musical career. This newfound openness has allowed her to explore her sexuality and create music that is more honest and reflective of her true self. Melina KB hopes that her music can help other people find the courage to open up and talk about their own experiences.

Melina KB’s “I’ve Had Enough.”

One of her most streamed songs to date “I’ve Had Enough” went viral on TikTok with the lyrics “If you’re so mature now / Then I think it’s time you grow up / Admit you did it / We all know you did it / And yet you still gaslight me up.” The song allowed girls on TikTok to tell their own stories of abusive and controlling relationships, this was the moment Melina KB knew her music was impacting people in the way she always wanted. As a result, this continues to inspire her music to continue uplifting women in many ways; from sapphic love songs to strong feminist anthems. Melina KB is the epitome of being unequivocally yourself, and not being apologetic for circumstances that were never your fault.

Her biggest musical inspiration right now has been Panic! At The Disco, Chappell Roan, and MICO; which she hopes to incorporate the rock elements with outstanding, vibrant performances in the future. We even got to bond over our love for KPOP and its visuals - she is a huge (G)I-DLE fan. With such a unique genre, Melina KB has always felt compelled to do storytelling through these means on the basis of “dancing, acting, and songwriting,” and she hopes to achieve these mediums through performing in a live theater space. Something she wants to experiment with is making her live shows more interactive with the audience, and being able to bring actors on stage to depict the stories she tells in her music. She understands that right now her music has more of a Six The Musical and the Mean Girls Musical type of sound, so she wants to aim to include different theatrical genres in her upcoming music. 

Her motivation to continue creating the type of music she does is understanding how young girls and women have found comfort in her music and use it to speak up about their own experiences. Melina KB recognizes when she was younger, it was hard to find that voice of empowerment in rough times. With that, she wants to create those anthems for people to feel heard and seen through emotions of anger, sadness, and even make them happy to be vulnerable. 

The last thing she left me with is how important it is to be kind to one another. She learned what it means to be everyone's biggest fan, which leaves a beautiful mark on her life and others around her. Her attitude and energy is strong and beautiful. Be sure to check out her fiery yet gentle spirit with “Force of Nature” which is out May 10th on all music platforms.


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