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The Legacy of TWICE

By Naomi Rodriguez | 24 April, 2024

TWICE in Manila for their ‘Ready To Be’ concert

TWICE was created through JYPE’s girl group survival show, SIXTEEN. It had 16 trainees from JYPE with notable names like SOMI (I.O.I., THEBLACKLABEL Soloist), NATTY (KISS OF LIFE), Lee Chaeyeon (IZONE), Lee Chaeryoung (ITZY), and Park Jiwon (FROMIS_9). JYPE has created staple performers within girl groups, and the world was craving for what can come from JYP’s newest idea. 

From SIXTEEN came TWICE, a 9-membered group that had members from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan–they weren’t the first group with non-Korean members, but they quickly became one of the most successful! Debuting in 2014, they are entering their tenth year as a group, which is considerably one of the longest time a girl group has been active in JYPE. They began the trend  of the increase in physical album sales  for girl groups; 265,602 copies were sold for their debut album, The Story Begins, which was unprecedented for any girl group. With their most recent comeback With YOU-th, has sold 1,239,096 in Korea. 

Since the standard length for K-pop contracts is 7 years, fans have adopted the term “7 year curse” to address groups that disband once their first run of their contract is up. TWICE has not only broken that curse, but they have started their own solo endeavors such as “POP” by Nayeon and “Killin’ Me Good” by Jihyo. With a 3-membered Japanese line, they’ve debuted officially as a unit in Japan as MISAMO with “Do Not Touch.” Many people have started questioning their popularity and longevity especially in a new generation being born with talented groups like New Jeans, STAYC, and NMIXX. However, TWICE has consistently proven to everyone that they are here to stay. 

TWICE has created new standards in album sales to streaming. Now, they’ve led almost a year-long world tour that has truly cemented TWICE as unforgettable powerhouses. The Ready to Be World Tour had 7 legs, with 49 shows total across 5 continents. They just finished an ENCORE show in Las Vegas as a finale in the United States, and this summer they will be hosting 2 more encore shows in Osaka and Yokohama, Japan. 

This tour seems unfathomable in terms of numbers but in each and every moment, the members prove their willingness to keep going as a collective of friends and artists together. “I GOT YOU,” their pre release single for their latest comeback, is a testament to their friendship. The end of the song finishes with “No drop of doubt, I know deep down that / We'll make it through / Just like we always do,” which brings me back to one of their greatest hits “Feel Special.” In the chorus, they sing “One moment I feel like I’m nothing at all / Like no one would notice if I were gone / But then when I hear you calling me / I feel loved, I feel so special.” In both depictions of the music video, they make sure to show how finding each other and being together is their greatest strength. To see and know their collective love for each other in multiple songs across the years, no doubt they’re breaking standards a decade in. 

This connection between them has transcended languages and cultural differences, and they are able to shine both as a full 9-membered group and in their own way. We’re able to see how despite their different endeavors, the members never forget where they started; and the most amazing thing of it all, they love what they do in its fullest form. 

After all these years, they’re just as active as they’ve been since day one. Multiple members have been brand ambassadors for Paris Fashion Week. Nayeon is currently scheduled to perform for Waterbomb Seoul this summer in anticipation for a new comeback. Sana is taking part in a new interview content known as Sana’s Special Fridge Interview. To catch new content from the members, be on the look out!


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