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Mindset: The Music Industry's Everyday Wellness Platform

by: Britney McVey | 27 September, 2022

With many artists coming forward about preserving their mental health and how important it is to take care of yourself, I have found it easier to talk about the state of my mentality because I can relate to the people I look up to. If you have been feeling the same way, Mindset, by DIVE Studios, might be a platform that is beneficial to you.

Brothers Eric and Eddie Nam founded Mindset because they realized it was important to connect to younger generations and share the importance of mental health through personal and vulnerable podcast episodes. The pair wanted to make a platform that stood out and was authentic, as well as engaging. Aside from their app, Mindset also has a Discord server, where fans and users of the app are encouraged to connect and build relationships as well as stay up to date on content.

The app is very user-friendly and allows for engagement which helps me feel connected to the artists and ensures that I am properly thinking about the experiences being shared. There are opportunities for discussions with every episode as well as daily reflection questions that encourage you to contemplate your thoughts and feelings. These are some of my favorite features of the app because it motivates me to think about my past versus the changes I can make to ensure a better future. One of the featured daily quotes is by Eric Nam and is as follows: “Just remind yourself that in the craziness of us living in this fast-paced world, that we’re human. It’s okay to feel upset. It’s okay to feel joy. Those are the things that make us human. So feel it. Embrace it.” I felt the need to include this quote because it is one that I hope can positively affect the way you view your feelings. From this quote, I was able to realize that my not only are my emotions valid, but they are mine, and I need to embrace how I feel rather than bottling it up.

Now, you may be wondering how Mindset relates to the music industry. Well, each podcast series features different artists from around the world. Artists such as Huddy, Keshi, DPR, Animé, Summer Walker, and many more, share intimate stories with the purpose of sharing “how much more there is that unites us than divides us.”

The first introduction I listened to was DPR’s and from hearing the raw feelings portrayed through the episode, Meet DPR,” I was hooked. DPR Rem, DPR Ian, and DPR Live walk you through the background of DPR and how they got their name. The trio talks about their values and what is important to them in balancing their relationships with each other and their relationships with fans. “We’ve pushed a narrative of dreaming and manifesting that, and through this conversation, if they can pull away something that can help them do that, I think that’d be amazing,” - DPR Live, Meet DPR. The experience set through the app is personal between you and the artist which creates a unique experience for every user.

While Mindset is a paid platform at $2.92 a month, if you go to and download the app, you are able to listen to each artist's introduction for free. However, DIVE Studios is aiming to make Mindset accessible to anyone. If you join the Discord, which can be found on the website previously linked, there is a form that helps to fund and give out Mindset Subscriptions. The selflessness shown through those opportunities is what helped me decide that Mindset was the place where I wanted to better my wellness. Whether you need advice, or just want to know you aren’t alone, I hope that you find comfort with Mindset.

“In a hyper-connected world where we feel more isolated than ever, Mindset is flipping the script by harnessing the magnetic power of fame to create space where we feel safe to be seen.”


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