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P1Harmony "Do It Like This" in Denver, CO

By: Kya Brodgon | 27, January, 2023

Fillmore Auditorium - Denver, CO. (January 24, 2023)

p1harmony do it like this tour
P1Harmony by @P1H_official via Twitter

Waiting in a GA line for 7+ hours when the high temperature is only 31 degrees is not for the weak, but it is exactly what my friends and I did in order to get a good spot to see P1Harmony on their current tour, P1ustage H:P1oneer. Armed with blankets, hand warmers, snacks, and a portable speaker, we were ready to stay warm and pass the time in line. In typical K-pop concert fashion, there were people handing out freebies as they arrived at the venue. My favorite part is that a lot of these freebies included a pack of hand warmers, P1ece (P1Harmony’s fandom name) truly took it upon themselves to make sure everyone stayed as warm and as comfortable as possible while waiting.

Another one of my favorite freebies to receive at any K-pop show is the fan made banners created to be held up during specific songs and the group photo at the end of the show. I have a wall display full of the various banners I’ve gotten at the shows I’ve been to, and I added this one immediately after I got home.

@snwflwrco via Twitter @Genius_kor via Twitter

By the time the doors opened, we were all tired, achy, and chilled to the bone - but that all went away as soon as the lights dimmed and the pre-show music stopped. When the P1Harmony boys took the stage, they came out with so much energy that it was like the past seven hours hadn’t even happened. Opening the show with an incredible b-side off of their latest album, “Look At Me Now” was an immediate crowd-pleaser that grabbed everyone’s attention from beginning to end.

A group riddled with incredible raw talent, P1Harmony never let their energy cease as the show advanced. From song to song, both the members and the crowd seemed to feed off of the energy of each other to create an atmosphere of intangible passion. The crowd was so hype that the boys commented on it multiple times.

p1harmony members on tour
Haku“Soul” Shota, Hwang Intak, and Choi “Theo” Taeyang by Kya Brogdon

“So far, throughout all the shows, today was the loudest,” vocalist Choi Theo commented and was met with even more screams and cheers from the audience.

“Denver, your energy is a little crazy but…I like the vibe,” rapper Hwang Intak said, laughing along with the crowd as the members got in position for the next song. Later, he stated, “Denver’s passion is so cool! I promise, we will come back here!”

With a setlist containing only fast-paced, energy-boosting songs, how could the crowd be anything but energetic and a little crazy? In a city often skipped on K-pop tours, it was heartwarming to hear the members say how much they loved Denver and how they’ve been looking forward to coming back since their first time in May of 2022.

Not only did P1Harmony show off their amazing ability to keep consistent power and energy throughout the show, they also had segments of solo and unit stages used to show a different side of their performance style to the audience. Blessed with beautiful vocal stages from Theo, Soul, and Keeho, a colorful and fun cover of “Love Never Felt So Good” by Keeho, Jiung, and Soul, and an intense rap battle between Intak and Jongseob, it is easy to see how much practice and attention went into each performance in order to give the audience the best show possible.

With vibrant performances of “Nemonade,” “BFF,” “Secret Sauce,” and “Do It Like This,” the members quickly left the stage to change and come back for the encore songs. As we waited for their return, I took a moment to look around the venue at all of the lightsticks and signs - each representing a P1ece who loves this group just as much as I do. Concerts are truly such an emotional experience, whether it be from a sad song or the palpable feeling of love and adoration shown from fan to artist and back.

P1Harmony didn’t let the concert end on a sad note - the final song of the night was “AYAYA”, an upbeat confidence-boosting b-side that has been one of my favorite P1Harmony songs since I first heard it. Covered in confetti and soaked with water from the members throwing it around, even with the knowledge that this was truly the last song of the night it was next to impossible to be sad in that moment.

I am forever in awe of the talent and passion that P1Harmony exude on stage, and I’m already counting down the days until I am fortunate enough to see them again. Have a safe and fun tour, boys! Thank you for making my first concert of 2023 such an amazing time.

Check out upcoming P1Harmonytour dates and cities here, and grab tickets while you can!

P1Harmony in Colorado 2023
P1Harmony by Kya Brogdon


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