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By Naomi Rodriguez | 21 February, 2024

One thing about J-Pop groups is that they never disappoint, and ATARASHII GAKKO! is no exception. A 4-membered girl group that began in 2015, their name translates to “New School,” and they are definitely breaking boundaries of the already established J-Pop trends with how they’re crossing into American media. Their worldwide debut came with a collab with 88rising and their single “Nainainai” in 2021. Their newest venture in the U.S. is being a part of the soundtrack for The Tiger’s Apprentice, a 2024 Paramount film, with a full English track.

Wendy Wang, a Chinese-American writer and producer, had lent her talents to produce this track for the movie The Tiger’s Apprentice. This film depicts a Chinese-American boy who comes from a family lineage of magical protectors. What better way to represent the adventurous and action-packed film with none other than the pop punk style of ATARASHII GAKKO! 

HELLO (from The Tiger’s Apprentice)” is their latest single, released through 88rising for The Tiger’s Apprentice. This eclectic single is a testament to their message, expressing individuality and freedom through music and dance. The track begins with a clear electric guitar melody that is carried through the entire song. The members speak for themselves when they say their performance is a show stopping entrance. The pre-chorus breaks up the upbeat melody to prepare us for the fun chorus, with the members singing, “Droppin’ the mic like we stopping the show / We say hello hello hello hello!” The chorus of this short and upbeat track follows the members saying “hello!”  in 5 different languages – English, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. Each of the members’ voices carry a unique vocal color that highlights their dedication to standing out both vocally and melodically. 

With this new single out, I hope to see ATARASHII GAKKO! perform this at Coachella 2024. They have such a unique and amazing energy in performances and their songs that it would be so fascinating to see what they do with this track. It’s remarkable to see their growth since their worldwide debut, and beautiful to see 88rising with such unique talent across Asia. Be on the lookout for these 4 spectacular girls in the next few months; they are breaking boundaries. 


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