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Keeping it "Groovy" with CRAVITY in Los Angeles, CA

By Kya Brogdon | 5 July, 2023

cravity first world tour
Image by Kya Brogdon

Ten months after their successful run with the KCON Rookies program, the nine-member boy group CRAVITY has wrapped up their North American leg of their first-ever world tour. Hitting 6 different spots within North America, CRAVITY brought an insane amount of energy, stage presence, and stellar performances to their fans, LUVITY.

With this show taking place in member Allen Ma’s hometown of LA, there was nothing less than total and complete excitement and hype as the clock ticked closer and closer to show time. With the line wrapped around the block (and then some), LUVITY spent their time handing out freebies and chatting about what they’re looking forward to the most about the show. I’ve been to a lot of K-pop concerts within the past two years, but I don’t think any of them can beat the amount of pickets and slogans I saw in line for CRAVITY. Almost every single person I walked past had some sort of indicator of who their bias is, and a lot of them even decorated some of the merch with their own designs to make them unique.

When the doors opened, fans were greeted with a massive LED sign of the tour name, which created a perfect photo op spot. Avalon Hollywood is a smaller venue than a lot of places I’ve been to for concerts, so even with T4 tickets I had a really good view of the stage and the members once they were out performing. I didn’t think it was possible for the energy to get even higher, but after opening the show with “Get Lifted,” that’s exactly what happened. Maybe it’s because the venue was smaller or LUVITY is just loud, but the fan chants for every single song were absolutely top-tier. Not only were fans singing along to the English lyrics, but many people also knew a lot of the Korean lyrics and sang them just as passionately as anything else.

I don’t think anything will ever outdo the fan chants for “My Turn.” Hearing a crowd of 1,500 people screaming “Vroom-vroom, vroom-vroom / Vroom-vroom, vroom-vroom-vroom, skrrt” at the top of their lungs is one of my favorite memories from any of my concerts this year. Although the stage was small, the members made excellent usage of all the space they had. When they weren’t killing their choreography, they stood in the corners waving to their fans and jamming along to the music as they waited for their next cue.

One thing that a new fan would learn very quickly at this concert - CRAVITY is full of jokesters. Early into the show, Allen turned to fellow member Seo Woobin and promptly asked him to “show them [the fans] your rizz!” This sent both LUVITY and the rest of the members into a roar of laughter. After a costume change and jamming out to high volume anthems like “Boogie Woogie,” “PARTY ROCK,” and “Groovy,” the boys showed off some of their cover dancing skills by doing moves from trending songs like “BOUNCY” by ATEEZ and “Queencard” by (G)I-DLE - which soon devolved into a twerking contest? I think Allen forgot that his family and friends were in the crowd that night…

cravity masterpiece tour
CRAVITY by Studio PAV via Twitter

However, the show was not only filled with class clown antics, but with emotional and serious moments as well.

“Go out there and live a life that you create,” Allen said in his ending moment. He references the title of the tour in his next statement; “You, your life in itself, is a masterpiece.”

Ending the show with two softer crowd pleasers, “A to Z” and “Light the way”, the boys spent their encore taking gifts - banners, headbands, plushies, and more - as well as grabbing people’s phones from the crowd and taking cute videos with them. After saying a final goodbye, the boys then spent the next five or so minutes waving to the crowd as the outro music played - it was obvious that they didn’t want to leave just as much as we didn’t want them to go.

A first-world tour is a daunting task for any group, but especially for one that is only just three years old. However, you wouldn’t have known that this was their first time on a grand scale tour like this, the professionalism and command of the stage rivals that of any seasoned performer. I can’t wait to see how their stages only grow as they start to perform in bigger and bigger venues for more and more LUVITY.

cravity los angeles
CRAVITY by Studio PAV via Twitter

Congrats on a successful North America leg, boys! We wish you nothing but continued success as you travel - see you in August at KCON!


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