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De'Wayne Jackson at Gov Ball 2022

By: Holly Arend | 29 June, 2022

De’Wayne Jackson is an alternative singer/rapper from Houston, Texas, who is redefining Black music today by showcasing a raw blend of genres. His music combines elements of rock, industrial and rap with a mission to show people we shouldn’t live in boxes and neither should our music. We had the pleasure of sitting down with De’Wayne after his explosive Gov Ball set and asked him a few questions.

@Taya Woods

What's a goal that you haven't reached yet?

That's a really good question. I don't have a top 30 song on a radio. I really want that. I want to top Black rock song. Uh, and I don't have that yet.

Do you have a dream place or location to perform a concert?

I really want to do Red Rocks [Amphitheatre]. I think Red Rocks would be like, especially for the music that we do. I feel like it would be a really awesome yeah.

Have you ever been humbled by someone you’ve worked with?

That's a really good question for real. I mean, nothing's, nothing's better than your partner who you also makes awesome music telling you to do another take, uh, in the studio. Like, yo like do that again. Like it'll be… it can be better. That's not mine for that a**. Yeah, we can wait.

How do you know who you're happy with the end result of a song or project?

I mean, I, I, I'm pretty, like, self-confident in like I know when I'm being like my rise peer itself. So leaving the studio after like day two, I'm like, this is a hit song. That's how I felt about DACA. And now it's on radio every day. And uh, I think the way you avoid those other bad thoughts is by trusting your, like other people that you don't respect their music taste. So you keep people around that you trust that music tastes and then you trust yourself. You'll be, you'll be good.

You just released a song with Grandson, Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Yeah. Thank you. I mean the same. Thank you. I appreciate it. It's a it's…I mean, yes, that was a long time coming. Like he's been my friend for so long, so I don't know. I feel like it makes sense. Like it may. Yeah, it makes a lot of sense for us.

While touring, do you ever think about previous shows or compare a show to another one?

Tours? Like my best. I love, I love being on tour, so I don't really like stress it out that much. I think, uh, what I have to do lately, it's like just reflect more.

Do you think about the person who the song is about while performing? Or think about the process of putting that song together while performing?

I don't think about it at the time, but I love fast songs and I love high energy, like big hooks. So by the end of the session, I'm like, like the songs I want and I'm just, like, acting like I'm performance of what I was doing today. Uh, so I think it just kind of coincides together, but I don't think about it too much until after.

Should we be looking out for anything in the future?

Um, I think we're going to be putting out another really good song and like a month and, um, hopefully, a full project after that, uh, that I'm, I'm really, really stoked about. So I hope people receive it and take it in. Yeah, definitely. Today your stuff. Yeah.

@Taya Woods

Thanks to De’Wayne for sitting down with us and check out his new single, “Good Mood” ft. Grandson now!

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