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By: Ariel B. | 28, February, 2023

Source: PRETTYMUCH, LLC via Genius

Independence looks great on the four-member boyband, PRETTYMUCH. Their first single under PRETTYMUCH, LLC is here and it’s called “SAME PLACE” and “WRONG?”

The American-Candian boyband—comprised of Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Zion Kuwonu, and Austin Porter— debuted with their single “Would You Mind” back in 2017. Ever since, the group has captured fans (known as ‘Beanz’) with songs of heartbreak, romance, and youth, and their contagious energy and passion.

I found even myself wondering, “What happened to PRETTYMUCH?” This group filled the boyband void during 2017-2018 after watching an energetic guest appearance on Wild N Out. Fast forward to 2021, their single from Smackables, “Corpus Christi, was my fourth most listened-to song on my Spotify Wrapped. Then in late 2022, I wondered where was PRETYMUCH. My playlists missed their 90s-influenced EPs and singles and of course, vocals. I later discovered they are managing their music careers all by themselves.

Now as an independent band, PRETTYMUCH has dropped, “SAME PLACE.” The track is produced, written, filmed, edited, mixed, and mastered by the group. Within 6 minutes and 45 seconds, the quartet dived into the group’s typical motifs – nostalgia, heartbreak, and moving on. Both songs feel like sunlight in the summer, despite such a heavy topic about heartache.

The first song of their recent release and lead single, “SAME PLACE” has a funky beat and mid-tempo that guarantees catchiness. The lyrics are honest. For example, in the pre-chorus, Austin sings, “Act like Im ok ‘til I’m all alone/Tryna hide my face in a broken phone screen” and Brandon follows in the bridge, “Losing someone slowly/Broke me/Now everything just feels like Sunday morning, lonely baby.” Zion’s high notes in the chorus and Edwin’s smooth vocals create a powerful and captivating symphony.

To promote “SAME PLACE,” they dropped a music video that was directed by Brandon. The video’s premise is about pretending one’s fine after a breakup, yet their previous lover is with another. The music video features the members dancing with a broom and singing to an audience with both their clones and a couple. Between the choreography and the boys’ playfulness, the video is very entertaining. This song is perfect for an upbeat pop playlist on Spotify because of how easy it is to listen to it.

In the YouTube video’s description, it hints at an “album coming soon” which would be their debut full-length collection of work. I’m particularly excited about an album since PRETTYMUCH has a unique way of writing about relationships and reminiscing about the past.

The second released track, “WRONG?” embodies a kind of nostalgic past. I love the pre-chorus, in which Zion sings ”I was there to carry bags that you were unpacking/Until you stopped asking/Love to see you but I hate to waste time.”

As a long-time fan, I can’t wait to see where the boys will go in 2023. As they described in their podcast episode that this new era is a reset. This group is hands down one of the most underrated boybands ever and I cannot wait to see all they accomplish as they forge this new path.

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