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The Girls of FIFTY FIFTY

By: Naomi Rodriguez | 7 July 2023

the girls of fifty fifty
The members of Fifty Fifty for their music video “Higher.”

For the past few years, TikTok has healed a generation from boredom and increased connection and creativity globally. There is no doubt that its algorithm has become one of the biggest things to change the entertainment industry and trends. One of the biggest names to come from this has been the rising rookie girl group, FIFTY FIFTY.

One way or another, you have bopped your head to the lyrics, “I gave a second chance to Cupid” whether slowed down, nightcore, or even the original instrumental. Their song Cupid has been on the rise, its highest being No. 17, on the Billboard Hot 100; one of the most organic growths for a K-pop group. Their popularity can’t only be credited to TikTok; they’ve been backed by the support of their company throughout this year. ATTRAKT’s team revealed in order to balance production costs, they sold pricey memorabilia. Their popularity may last after this stage of virality as each member of FIFTY FIFTY has the vocal color and skills to shine.

The newest endeavor that might solidify their growth is their upcoming feature on the Barbie Movie Soundtrack. Their new single will be called “Barbie Dreams” featuring Kali, rapper of “Area Codes," and released on July 21st. With the bubblegum pop FIFTY FIFTY brings and the flow Kali brings to any beat, this collaboration is unexpected yet seems almost perfect. And with the current Barbie Movie Soundtrack releases like Dua Lipa’s “Dance The Night,” Karol G’s “Watati,” and Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie Girl” snippet, the girls and Kali are about to bring cute, fresh summer realness later this month.

As someone who’s heard about FIFTY FIFTY because of @nugupromoter, I’ve always rooted for them because of how catchy “Cupid” is and its high-quality production value! Despite the adversities they may have gone through as a small group from a less-known company and battling issues against said company, FIFTY FIFTY proves that their friendship is real through the clips of them outside of their music. The girls have always remained humble while fighting for their success and for each other; their sisterhood is their power.

They are a group one should watch and listen to outside of TikTok. The girls of FIFTY FIFTY are ones to be reckoned with!


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